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Confederate States Presidential Election, 2008 (Federation of Nations)

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The 2008 Confederate States Presidential Election saw Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee defeat Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards in a landslide.

Nominations Edit

Republican party nominationEdit

Republican presidential candidates

  • Jim Gilmore, former Governor of Virginia
  • Mike Huckabee, Governor of Arkansas
  • Steve Largent, Governor of Sequoyah
  • John McCain, C.S. senator from Arizona
  • Mark Sanford, Governor of South Carolina
  • Rick Perry, Governor of Texas
  • Sebastian Pinera, C.S. senator from Santiago

Vice President Phil Graham had been seen as the clear front-runner until he announced that he would not run in late 2005.

Virginia Senator George Allen had also been exspected to run, however, after almost losing his 2006 re-election campaign, Allen decided to remain out of the race.

McCain, Perry, and Pinera were considerd the front-runners until Huckabee won the crucial Panama straw poll. Huckabee's campaign gained strangth when Largent and Sanford withdrew from the race and endorsed Huckabee. Jim Gilmore withdrew after a poor straw poll showing and endorsed Pinera.

By the time of the Panama Caucus, only Huckabee and Perry were running neck-and-neck in the polls with Pinera and McCain fighting for third. At the caucuses, Huckabee (44%) swamped Pinera (27%), Perry finished third (16%) ahead of Perry (13%). Perry drooped out of the race the next day and endorsed McCain. In the Missouri primary McCain (39%) beat Huckabee (35%), and Pinera (25%). In South Carolina, Huckabee (50%) defeated McCain (32%) and Pinera (15%) by a comfortable margin and established himself as the front-runner. After this, Huckabee won most of the primaries after this and McCain withdrew from the race on February 16. Pinera withdrew two weeks later. For his running-mate, Huckabbe chose McCain.

The Huckabee/McCain ticket was nominated at the Republican National Convention, August 26-29, in Hanvana, Cuba.

Democrat party nomination Edit

Democrat presidential candidates

  • Michelle Bachelet, Governor of Santiago
  • John Edwards, former C.S. senator from North Carolina
  • Vincent Fox, Governor of Mexico
  • Alan Garcia, Governor of Lima
  • Janet Napolitano, Governor of Arizona
  • Bill Nelson, C.S. senator from Florida

Edwards was seen as the front-runner and won the Panama caucus over Fox and Bachelet.

July 28-31

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