Confederate States of America
Timeline: Pax Siamese
Preceded by 1861 — 2014 Succeeded by
US flag with 36 stars by Hellerick Flag of the United Commonwealths (Pax Siamese)

Flag of the Federal Republic of Central America

Flag of the Confederate States (Pax Siamese) Seal of the Confederate States of America
Flag Great Seal
Map of the United States and Confederate States (Pax Siamese)

Deo Vindice (Latin)
("With God, our indicator")

Anthem "Dixie"
(and largest city)
English (de facto)
  others French, Spanish
  others Roman Catholic
Ethnic Group American, Mexican and others
Government Confederal parliamentary constitutional republic
  legislature Confederate States Congress
Currency Dollar (CSD)
Internet TLD .cs

The Confederate States of America, commonly known as the Confederate States, the Confederacy, the Southern States, and abbreviated as the C.S.A. or the C.S., was a confederation consisting 38 states located in North America. The Confederate States was established on February 8, 1861, when seven former states of the United States agreed to reunite. The CSA would not be recognized by any nation globally until the signing of the Treaty of Richmond on May 1, 1865, but already had a friendly relation with the United Kingdom early in its existence.

However, according to the Treaty of Richmond, Confederate States had to pay high debt for the lost of the lives in the battlefield and United Kingdom, who had allied with the Confederacy (wished to take back the original colonies of America) had to give them Canada and the rest of the North American Colonies.

Policy of the Confederate States about neutrality is inviolable, because the Government itself doesn't want to get involved into any scenario that form the bloc or the alliance that cause into the war, despite this, the Confederacy itself is the one of the founding members of the Non-Aligned Movements.

During the World War II, the consider neutrality act violated when the Caribbean Social Republic invade Florida, Confederacy has no choice but to temporally abandoned its neutrality and cooperate with the Allied Powers, especially the United States and the United Kingdom, which made the Confederate States to claim their territories in Northwestern Sahara, the Caribbeans and the Philippines Islands.

the Confederate States was reunited with the United States and join the creation of the United Commonwealths. After the referendum on March 15, 2014 and the Treaty of Havana in March 16.