The Confederate States of America
Althist CS Flag
Official languages English, Spanish
Capital Washington, DC
Largest City Houston
Population 200,000,000
Area 1,246,586 sq mi
Government Federal Republic
Head of State President of the Confederate States- George W. Bush
Head of Government President of the CS
Congress of the CS
Supreme Court of the CS
Independence from the United States of America: declared 1861, Recognized 1864
Currency CS Dollar ($)

The Confederate States of America gained its independence from the USA in 1864 after winning the War for Southern Independence with help from Britain and France. The Confederates set up their new capital in the former Union capital of Washington, DC. After the two countries re-established close ties, they became close allies. In he decade following the war, the CSA decided that slavery was an outdated institution. As industrial Machinery began to replace the need for human labor, the issue that started the whole American Civil War was peacefully ended. After defeating Spain with the US in the Spanish-American War, The CSA annexed Cuba and Puerto Rico as its 18th and 19th States. The CSA became a very powerful country during and after WW-II as it was untouched by actual battle. While still trailing the US in economic and military strength, the CSA remains influential in world affairs.

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