State of North Carolina
North carolina 1861 Ncsealcolor
Flag Seal

First in Flight (English)

Anthem "The Old North State"
Capital Raleigh
Largest city Charlotte
Language English
Demonym North Carolinian
Legislature State Rights


Governor Bernie Thuersam (SN)
Lieutenant Governor Richard Burr (R)
Area 53,865 sq mi km²
Population 9,380,884 
The Confederate State of North Carolina (simply referred to as North Carolina) is an nation and sovereign state on the Eastern Coast of North America. It is bordered by the Virginia Commonwealth to the North, The Atlantic Ocean to the East, The Republic of South Carolina to the South, and to the West by the Tennessee Republic. With a population of nine million and a GDP of 500 million dollars, North Carolina is the most populous and second largest economy in the former Southern United States. North Carolinians enjoy a high standard of living, a relatively low crime rate, and excellent education opportunities. Since 2020, North Carolina has been aligned with the Sacramento League, of which it is one of only three in the American South.

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