First Party System

The first political parties in the Confederacy were founded around 1867. Many people believed that the party system was destructive, but once two parties were founded, there was no going back. There were three main Parties: The Democratic Party, the Liberal Party, and the Conservative Party. These three parties dominated over the three minor parties (Industrial, Confederate Nationalist, Federalist). It was common for a Party to chose a Vice Presidential candidate who ideologically belonged to another party in order to convince them to vote for that ticket. 

Party Name Key People Main Idea
Democratic Party Thomas Bocock, John C. Breckinridge Jacksonian Democracy
Liberal Party Howell Cobb, Robert W. Barnwell Congessional Power
Conservative Party Francis W. Pickens, Thomas Watts, James Chestnut States Rights, "Calhounism"
Confederate Nationalist Party Francis Lubbock, Leroy Walker, Judah Benjamin Nationalism, Expansion
Industrial Party Robert M.T. Hunter, Benjamin Hill, Robert Jemison Industrialization, Similar to Whig
Federalist Party Christopher Memminger, Jacob Thompson Strong Central Government

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