First Party System (1861-1874)

These parties remained unofficial until the election of 1872. The New Democrats never organized, and had died down by 1872. This Party system was short lived, however.

Party Name Pioneer(s) Idea(s)
Centrist Party John C. Breckinridge Strong Central Government
Confederalist Party Zebulon B. Vance Nullification, States' Rights
Fire-Eater Party Robert B. Rhett Slave Trade, Nationalism
New Democrats Alexander H. Stephens Relations with USA, Congressional Power

Second Party System (1875-)

The key part of this was the decline of the Confederalist party after Zebulon Vance's horrible presidency and the growth of the Conservative party, which was in favor of protecting slavery and against immigration, and even in extreme cases against the freedom of religion. Also, the Industrial Party, a rebirth of the American Whig Party, was developed by four congressmen in 1878. When the Confederalist Party disbanded, the Centrist party was renamed as the Demoratic party.

Party Name Founder/Leader Idea(s)
Democratic Party John Reagan Jacksonian Democracy
Conservative Party George W.C. Lee Slavery, Anti-Immigration
Industrial Party Burgess Gaither Industry, Classic Liberalism

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