The Confederate election of 1872 was the second Confederate Presidential election following the end of the Civil War. Only four of the six parties put candidates forward, though the Conservative Party agreed to vote for Democrat John C. Breckinridge in return for their choice of Vice President. The three main candidates were Democrat John C. Breckinridge, Liberal Robert W. Barnwell, and Confederate Nationalist Leroy P. Walker. The Liberal Howell Cobb was originally nominated as the Presidential Candidate from the Liberal Party, but died during the convention, and was replaced by Robert W. Barnwell. The Federalist Party Ticket of Jacob Thompson and Christopher Memminer received no votes. Democratic Party Convention was in Richmond, VA; Liberal National Convention was in New Orleans, LA; Confederate Nationalist Convention was in St. Louis, MO; and the Federalist National Convention was in Mobile, AL. Liberal Robert W. Barnwell won the Presidential Election with just one electoral vote over a majority.


  • John C. Breckinridge-James Chestnut (Democratic Party)
  • Robert Woodward Barnwell-Martin J. Crawford (Liberal Party)
  • Leroy Pope Walker-Francis Lubbock (Confederate Nationalist Party)
  • Jacob Thompson-Christopher Memminger (Federalist Party)


By State

State Electoral Votes Chosen Ticket
Missouri 15 Barnwell-Crawford
Tennessee 12 Barnwell-Crawford
Kentucky 12 Breckinridge-Chestnut
Virginia 11 Breckinridge-Chestnut
Georgia 11 Barnwell-Crawford
North Carolina 10 Breckinridge-Chestnut
Alabama 10 Walker-Lubbock
Texas 8 Walker-Lubbock
Louisiana 8 Barnwell-Crawford
Mississippi 8 Barnwell-Crawford
South Carolina 7 Breckinridge-Chestnut
Arkansas 6 Barnwell-Crawford
Kansas 5 Walker-Lubbock
Florida 4 Barnwell-Crawford


Pres. Candidate VP Candidate States Won Electoral Votes
Barnwell Crawford 7 64
Breckinridge Chestnut 4 40
Walker Lubbock 3 13

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