In 1866, there was an election for the new President-Vice President Ticket in the Confederacy. The Confederacy did not allow Presidents to serve multiple terms, but instead one six year term. This occurred before the adoption of any real political parties in the Confederacy. Also, this was the first election where the capital was Montgomery, Alabama instead of Richmond, Virginia (it was moved to be more central). Of the 13 states, Alexander Stephens with running mate Thomas Bocock won seven, as well as 79 of the 129 electoral votes, making him become the Second President of the Confederate States of America.


  • Alexander Stephens-Thomas Bocock
  • Howell Cobb-Robert Woodward Barnwell
  • Jacob Thompson-Stephen Mallory


State By State

State Electoral Votes Chosen Ticket
Virginia 18 Stephens-Bocock
Kentucky 14 Stephens-Bocock
Tennessee 13 Cobb-Barnwell
Georgia 12 Stephens-Bocock
North Carolina 12 Cobb-Barnwell
Alabama 11 Stephens-Bocock
Mississippi 9 Thompson-Mallory
Louisiana 8 Stephens-Bocock
South Carolina 8 Cobb-Barnwell
Texas 8 Stephens-Bocock
Missouri 8 Stephens-Bocock
Arkansas 6 Thompson-Mallory
Florida 4 Thompson-Mallory


Pres. Candidate VP Candidate States Won Electoral Votes
Stephens Bocock 7 79
Cobb Barnwell 3 33
Thompson Mallory 3 19

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