Confederate District
Конфедеративный Округ
Distrito Confederado

Capital District of New Kamchatka
Timeline: Venusian Haven
Flag of the Confederate District (Venusian Haven)
Flag of the Confederate District
Capital Vladivenera
Other cities Guevara, New Moscow
Russian and Spanish
  others Hindi, Romanian, Ukrainian
  others Hinduism, Judaism, Scientology
Population 8,029 
Established 2003
Abbreviations NK-KO, КО, DC

The Confederate District (Russian: Конфедеративный Округ, Konfyedyerativnyy Okrug; Spanish: Distrito Confederado) is the capital district of the Socialist Confederation of New Kamchatka. The district was formally established in 2003 and would become the location of a new national capital: Vladivenera. Unlike the nine governorates of New Kamchatka, the Confederate District is under the control of the federal government (though some autonomy has been given over the years).

The district is bordered by the Korolevsk Governorate to the north, the New Havana Governorate to the southeast, and a coastline along the Rusalka Mare. The district is mostly populated by Cubans and Russians, with Russian and Spanish being official languages within the region.


While mention of the territory is written into the constitution, the location of which was to be determined at a future date. This came about because the cities of Chaika and Gagaringrad wanted to host the national capital, but a compromise location was agreed upon during the constitutional convention (both cities agreed to share federal responsibilities until the new capital was completed). It was initially suggested that the city of Korolevsk should be the capital, because of its central location and because it housed the only cosmodrome on the continent. Despite these credentials, the new government was fearful of elevating the city under the grounds that it may further upset the Soviet Union (which reluctantly agreed to share the cosmodrome as part of the independence process).

The area which would later become the Confederate District was initially allotted to the Governorate of New Havana. The territory around the [future named] Confederate River began to be colonized in late 2001. The area came of interest in 2002, with New Havana willing to transfer the territory to the government. The territory was formally declared in 2003, with construction beginning the following year. The Cuban settlement of Guevara was left alone in favor of a newly constructed capital further inland, which would later be named Vladivenera (Russian for "ruler of Venus").

Following the completion of the Supreme Soviet Building and the Presidential Palace in 2008, the federal government formally relocated to Vladivenera the following year.

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