Confederate Civil War
DateJuly 9th, 2007 - present
Radical Liberal Party of the CSA

United States (financial support, although may send troops)

Confederate Purity Party


Ku Klux Klan

Bill Clinton General Ford
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Confederate Civil War

The Confederate Civil War is a major conflict that is currently raging across the Confederate States of America and has been since July 2007, when a sizable section of the military seized control of the deep south, supported by the Ku Klux Klan. So far, the two sides have engaged in only two major battles, both of which resulted in government defeat and the loss of the whole of Florida to the rebels.

The Battle of the Three Cities

Following the military seizure of most of the Deep South, only a few cities, with mainly black populations, refused to join the military government. The three principal cities were Miami, New Orleans and Charlotte. The National Guard, which remained loyal to the government, along with a large enough portion of military quickly fortified these cities and when the rebels attacked, they faced fierce resistance. However, most of Miami, except a few suburbs fell to the rebels, along with New Orleans. However, rebel troops around Charlotte were quickly surrounded and defeated. The battle, therefore, ended in a probable victory for the rebels, although they had suffered heavy casualties.

The Siege of Orlando

Following the loss of Miami, the last major centre of government resistance in Florida was around the city of Orlando. The city was quickly besieged by the rebels, although its coastal location meant vital supplies could still be shipped in by boat. However, the rebels slowly pushed into the city, pacifying it street by street and the city surrendered on November 6th.


Guerrilla Warfare

Following the battle of Orlando, neither side has the strength for a big push, although the government's position is slowly strengthening, mainly due to aid from the United States. On November 30th, Clinton officially abolished slavery from the temporary capital of the Confederate States of America, Richmond. Most of the Confederacy remains unaffected by the war, with both sides only occasionally fighting pitched battles. However, roaming bands of the Black Freedom Action Group and the Ku Klux Klan continue to rampage through the south's cities and countryside, destroying property and killing civilians caught in the crossfire.

The fall of Atlanta

On January 3rd 2008, rebel forces began a full scale attack into western Georgia, forcing the Confederate government to flee the city of Atlanta, which fell the next day.

Bombing of Richmond

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