1862: January: Confederate troops manage to cross the Potomac River in the middle of the night and lay siege to Washington DC. The CS Army of Tennessee marches north and prepares to lay siege to Nashville, occupied by US troops.

February: The Army of Tennessee begins siege operations against the Union Army of Tennessee in Nashville. CS troops begin to force the Union Army of Tennessee into starvation.

March: Washington falls to CS troops and is occupied even though the Federal government escapes to Boston. Prussia recognizes the Confederate States of America as a result of this even though the federal government has not been captured by the Confederates.

April: Nashville is reduced to rubble after the month siege and bombardment by the Confederates and 22,783 casualties are taken by the Union troops with 17,326 US troops wounded. His army falling apart, the Union Army of Tennessee surrenders on April 17th, 1862, to the Confederate Army of Tennessee. Prussia sends 500,000 of the latest rifles and Gatling guns and 20,000 “mercenaries”.

May: Confederate troops in the New Mexico Territory are forced out at the Battle of Tucson. Mexico grants the Confederacy the right to go through Mexican territory to attack American California. The Confederate Army of South Texas is created and waits for the 20,000 Prussian mercenaries and Gatling Guns.

June: Prussian warships escorting the cargo ships carrying the Gatling Guns and rifles from Prussia are fired upon by US warships, sinking a gunboat and taking little damage themselves. The guns and mercenaries manage to reach Texas before other American warships can reach them; the 20,000 Prussian volunteers quickly join the Army of South Texas which is the first CS army to be equipped with Gatling Guns and the Prussian springboard rifle. The Army of South Texas crosses the Rio Grande and begins to march towards California.

July: News of the American attack on the Prussian warships reaches the Kaiser in Europe, who immediately calls for war with the United States of America. The other German city states soon join in and the Prussian-American War begins.

August: News of the Prussian declaration of war reaches the United States and the Confederacy. In the Confederacy it is met with great joy but in the north it is met with horror and disgust at the Germans. The Army of South Texas reaches the border of California and invades. The new rifles and Gatling Guns quickly begin to mow down the Union lines and capture Los Angeles, which becomes the Confederate headquarters in California. The Battle of Gettysburg takes place, lasting for 4 days and becoming the bloodiest battle of the war.

September: Prussian troops and guns begin to arrive in the Confederacy and begin to be dispersed between the Confederate armies which are desperately needed. The Confederate Armed Forces begins to be equipped with Gatling Guns and the latest Prussian rifles. By November, the entire Confederate Armed Forces will be equipped with these weapons. Prussia and the Confederacy sign a treaty of alliance.

October: Prussian troop levels in North America reach 275,000 men while 720,000 Gatling Guns and rifles have been spread out through the Confederate Armies. The Army of Northern Virginia lays siege to Pittsburgh. The Army of Tennessee liberates Tennessee and sends a message to the Kentucky legislature which takes another vote on secession and approves it by a wide margin, and joins the Confederacy.

November: The CSA suffers a major defeat at the Battle of Erie on the coast of Lake Erie, and is forced to retreat to West Virginia's tip. The Army of South Texas lay siege to San Francisco after Prussian warships manage to close the harbor by scuttling several American merchants.

December: San Francisco falls to Confederate troops after its garrison surrenders. The CSA grants Prussia the right to use the harbor as a base for there warships. The US Pacific fleet is also stuck in the harbor, giving the CSA a small fleet of warships while the Russian Imperial fleet is there as well, but is allowed to leave the harbor to avoid war with Russia. The CS Pacific fleet is created out of these warships.


January: Pittsburgh falls to Confederate troops and is occupied as well as stripped of its resources, food and supplies which are dispersed within the Army of Northern Virginia and the city is release as the ANV marches north to lay siege to Erie and occupy the vital Great Lake port of Ohio.

February: Erie finally falls to CS and Prussian troops, which has seven ironclads in its harbor which are filled with Prussian and Confederate sailors, and sailed around the Lake to bombard the US coastal cities.

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