Author's Note

This althist deals with a situation in which the Confederacy won the Civil War and was granted independence of the Union. Most of this is focused on how the politics of the Union and the Confederacy would have changed. This also changes many events in American and even World History. However, as I continue to go year by year into the events of the Union and the Confederacy, the people will get more and more obscure, and probably by the time we get to the 2000's, they'll be completely made up. This is because such a change would have affected so many people, who may not have immigrated or may not have entered politics in this scenario. Try to recognize that this is about thehistory and politics, not about familiar people.



Civil War

Charleston Cotton Party

Treaty of Trenton

Jefferson Davis

Abraham Lincoln

Post-War Union

American Election of 1864

American Election of 1868

American Election of 1872

Salmon P. Chase

George Pendleton

Post-War Confederacy

Confederate Election of 1866

Confederate Election of 1872

Alexander Stephens

Thomas Bocock

Robert Woodward Barnwell

President of the Confederacy

Confederate Political Parties

List of Key Confederate Cities

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