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Confederacy of Southern England
Timeline: CVP-2 Virus Timeline

OTL equivalent: The English counties of Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Kent, West Sussex and East Sussex
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

God Protects the Faithful (English)
("Deus protegit fideles")

Anthem "God Save the Queen"
Capital Plymouth
Largest city Plymouth
Other cities Portsmouth, Southampton, Poole, Brighton, Bournemouth
Language English
Religion New Church of England
Demonym English
Legislature Confederate Parliament of Southern England
Population Approx. 5,000,000 
Established July 12th, 1984
Currency New English Pound
Time Zone GMT


Confederacy of Southern England consists of the England counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire, Hampshire, West and East Sussex, and Kent. The capital of the Confederacy is Plymouth, which is located in Devon. The map on the right, below the Nation Information box, shows this.

CSE map


The Government of the Confederation of Southern England is modeled upon original government of the UK. The Confederacy has a parliament consisting of members of the local governments, but they chose not to have one central leader to elect. The parliament currently consists of 16 elected members, two from each constituent county, who meet in the Plymouth city hall.


The military of the Confederation is mostly composed of the British Army, Royal Air Force, and Royal Navy personnel based in the area when the United Kingdom collapsed. They patrol the border and act as a police force, regulating and enforcing the strict laws designed to keep the Confederacy safe. Due to their control of HMNB Portsmouth in Hampshire, the Royal Navy's largest naval base pre-outbreak, HMNB Portland in Weymouth, Dorset, and HMNB Devonport in Plymouth, Devon, a very large number of naval ships, personnel fall under the banner of the Confederacy's Navy. As well as these two large naval bases, Royal Naval Air Stations Culdrose and Yeovilton supply significant air power to the Confederate Air Force, and Royal Marines bases in Lympstone, Poole, Plymouth, Taunton, Braunton and Instow add to their defensive capability.

The nuclear capability of the military is provided by two Vanguard-class nuclear attack submarines, as since 1960 the UK has not operated any nuclear missile silos, preferring instead to launch them from mobile, undetectable platforms at sea which cannot be destroyed in a First Strike. Their political and military stance on nuclear weapons is that they should be used only as a deterrent, due to their incredibly destructive nature. They have experienced first hand the force of WMDs, due to the CVP-2 Virus outbreak, and have no wish to unleash such destructive power again. They also continue to operate a small number of British Army bases across the region.


The economy of the Confederation is somewhat stable, although they struggle to obtain important resources such as medicine and raw manufacturing materials . Their greatest source of income is from selling food, primarily fish, to the other micro nations and free states on the landmass. They also sell medical supplies and armaments to regions that are being ravaged by the infection. They spend a significant portion of their available money researching the CVP-2 Virus, wishing to restore a level of order to the British Isles once more.

International Politics

The Confederation tries to maintain friendly or semi-friendly relations with the various micro nations in England, and the rest of the world. They offer trade to any open neighboring factions. They do struggle however to remain peaceful towards the more aggressive nations in Northern England, and the heavily armed pirates along the Southern coast . They also maintain healthy relations to France, the closest European nation.

Notable Events

  1. The first notable event was the formation of The Confederation of Southern England. It occurred on July 12th, 1984, not long after the mid-west part of England descended into anarchy upon the collapse of the United Kingdom.
  2. On July 23rd, the Confederation made contact with a combined French-American expedition to the UK due to the detonation of nuclear weapons.

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