Confederacy of Carthage
Timeline: The Butterfly and the Snake
Capital Carthage
Largest city Carthage
Language Punic (de facto)
Religion No dominant religion
Government Republican Confederation
Established Founding - 814 BC

Independence - 650 BC Confederation - 1548 CE

The Confederacy of Carthage is a republican confederation encompassing all of western and northern Africa (with the exception of Khemet), as well as the Aethiop region and the European territories of South Iberia and Sikily.

A direct continuation of the ancient empire stemming from its namesake city, Carthage today is a prosperous, wealthy and stable confederation. Considered by many to be the world’s most influential nation today, Carthage maintains a distinct multicultural identity and an open and welcoming society, to the point that is has become a cultural melting pot, with immigrants from all over the world making Carthage their home.

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