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May 1864: After losing a string of battles, The Union recognizes the Confederate States and signs a peace treaty.

June 1864: Abraham Lincoln is assassinated.

September 1864: The Confederacy annexes Arizona.


February 1865: Texan independence protester Lee Dixon is hung in public.

March 1865: The Houston riots occur. Ten rioters killed and a hundred injured.

July 1865: The Texan Revolution begins led by William Burgett. August 1865: President Davis sends Robert E Lee to squash the rebellion.

September 1865: The battle of Cambar is fought. The battle is a massive defeat for Texas.

October 1865: The Confederates capture the rebellion's headquarters at Dallas.

November 1865: The rebels begin a guerrilla campaign and harass the Confederate Forts like Fort Bengall.


February 1866: The Texans capture Fort Eingeck and make it there new base of operations.

April 1866: The Texans defeat General Harvey Coulgom at the battle of Polset bridge.

June 1866: The rebels lay siege to Houston and capture it.

August 1866: Robert E Lee orders the retreat of Confederate forces.

October 1866: The Texans overrun the border into Arizona and conquer Arizona.

November 1866: Worried that the Texans will invade the Confederate heartlands Jefferson Davis offers a peace treaty. Lee is elected President.


January 1867: Texas is recognized as an independent state and peace is made.

March 1867: President Davis is replaced by Robert E Lee.

August 1867: President Lee builds up the Confederacy's Navy.

December 1867: A railroad that runs from one side of the Confederacy to the other begins to be built.


April 1868: There is a slave uprising at Savannah which is brutally crushed by the army.

November 1868: The Confederacy invades Cuba.


January 1869: The Confederates capture Havana and defeat the Spanish Colonials.

February 1869: The Spanish make peace with the Confederacy.

April 1869: Many new black slaves are shipped in from Cuba to the Confederacy.

August 1869: Gold mines are opened up in Cuba and and many slaves are sent to work in them.

November 1869: This gold begins to be used to help modernize the Confederacy.


Raymond Tuelton 1817-1893


January 1870: The Confederacy buys Panama from Colombia.

July 1870: The engineer Raymond Tuelton is ordered to begin building a Canal through Panama.

November 1870: The states of New Mexico and Arizona break away from Texas and join the Confederacy.


March 1871: France attacks Panama and declares war on The Confederacy.

July 1871: The French army is massacred at Tucaca.

August 1871: The French navy blockades Panama.

October 1871: The French blockade is broken.

December 1871: The French offer a peace treaty.


January 1872: France and the Confederacy sign a peace treaty.

May 1872: The 2nd of May is made a public holiday.

November 1872: President Jack Smith is elected to Power in the Texan Republic.

December 1872: Texas declares war on the Confederacy.


February 1873: The Texan army is smashed at Gurton Creek.

June 1873: Houston is captured by the Confederate army.

September 1873: Texan President Jack Smith offers to give half of Texas to the Confederacy in exchange for peace.

November 1873: Peace is signed.


March 1874: President Lee dies and is replaced by Arthur T Ingard.

October 1874: A slave revolt is led by Nathan Galumu.


January 1875: The revolt is cornered at Wixer Farm and is brutally crushed.

April 1875: Galumu is hung as a waring to other slaves not to revolt.

November 1875: The Panama canal is finished and Raymond Tuelton becomes the first person to be decorated with the medal of Lee.


January 1876: The Confederate Railroad Service ( C.R.S) is established.

November 1876: The great rail crash sees four trains crash into each other killing a thousand people.


Henry Odfern 1826-1879


February 1877: An inquiry is launched by the recently founded Confederate Detective Service ( C.D.S)

May 1877: Chief detective Jolby concludes that it was a Virginian terrorist belonging to the Society for Fascist Reform (S.F.R.)

July 1877: Henry Odfern, the head of the S.F.R incites Virginia to revolt against Confederate rule.

August 1877: The Virginian revolution begins.

October 1877: The battle of Dalford is fought. The rebels are defeated.


February 1878: The Union supplies men and money to Virginia.

April 1878: Virginia defeats the confederacy at the battle of Noricker Bridge.

August 1878: Virginia conquers North Carolina.

November 1878: Virginia offers a peace treaty.


January 1879: Peace is signed.

March 1879: President Ingard resigns and is replaced by Thomas R Venton.

September 1879: President Venton begins to build up the Confederate army.


February 1880: The Confederacy attacks the Union and the Great American War begins.


March 1881: General Dindle is beaten at Powers Ridge.

June 1881: Tennessee is lost to the Union.

August 1881: Texas reclaims the lost half of Texas.

November 1881: General Sampson is defeated at Gerville.


March 1882: General Sampson reclaims Eastern Tennessee.

April 1882: Eastern Tennessee is formed.

October 1882: General Boueler captures Houston and the Texan government votes to join the Confederacy.


April 1883: Due to the Hecker Scandal President Venton resigns ans is replaced by federal party candidate Joshua Muller.

July 1883: After the union defeat at Ashcroft President Cleveland and President Muller begin to negotiate peace.

September 1883: Peace is signed and the Confederacy regains Virginia and North Carolina.

December 1883: Muller orders the construction of 800 new factories.


Joshua Muller 1842-1886


January 1884: The confederacy forms an alliance with France.

November 1884: Muller abolishes slavery recognizing that with industrial growth it will become obsolete.


January 1885: Georgia the largest slave owning state attempts to secede but the uprising is crushed by General Sampson

May 1885: The Confederacy buys Costa Rica and Nicaragua.


Robert Chaut 1836-1886


May 1886: Muller is Shot in the chest by a former slave owner Robert Chaut

December 1886: Chaut is hung.


January 1887: George Rodner of the Democrat Party is elected.

November 1887: Pay is standardized to five Dollars a day for the army.

December 1887: Former general Hugh Sampson is made minister for war.


February 1888: 100 new prisons are opened.

October 1888: Construction on the great coast to coast railroad begins.

November 1888: Confederate troops storm the Hawaiian republic and in three weeks it is annexed.


March 1889: The Confederate-Mexican War breaks out

June 1889: Mexico is beaten at the Soy river

September 1889: Crack confederate troops storm Veracruz.

December 1889: The Mexicans are beaten at the battle of Pancho.


January 1890: Confederate troops capture Mexico City.

February 1890: Peace is signed and much of Northern Mexico is ceded to the Confederacy.


March 1891: The minimum wage is raised from one dollar a day to three.

July 1891: In a belligerent act against Columbia, 4000 Confederate troops seize control of Cartagena and force Columbia to pay an a million Dollar pay off which bankrupts it.


Hugh Sampson 1842-1927


November 1892: The Rodner administration is disgraced and Olbridge Thomas of the Federal party comes to power.

December 1892: Hugh Sampson is sacked as minister for war.


May 1893: President Thomas personally designs a new flag for the Confederate States to try to get away from the slave-owning Confederate States Flag.

June 1893: The C.S.A invades Columbia.

July 1893: The C.S.A army under General Collins defeats the Colombian national army at Santa Pepa.

September 1893: The C..S.A army captures the Colombian capital and forces a complete Colombian surrender.


March 1894: The great Gold Rush begins in Arizona, thousands of poor families flock to Arizona hoping to get rich.


December 1895: The Confederacy makes a pact with Imperial Germany and Austria Hungary.


Jefferson Davis 1861-1866

Robert E Lee 1866-1874

Arthur T Ingard 1874-1879

Thomas R Venton 1879-1883

Joshua Muller 1883-1886

George Rodner 1887-1892

Olbridge Thomas 1892-

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