Conchobar I
King of Ireland

Reign June 16th, 1289-December 21st, 1323
Coronation June 16th, 1289
Predecessor Tormand of Ireland
Successor Conchobar II
Spouse Margaret of Scotland
Torquil of Scotland

Conchobar II

Full name
Conchobar O'Raghallaigh
Noble Family Clan O'Raghallaigh
Father Tormand I
Mother Anastasia de Montfort
Born June 16th, 1258
Dublin, Kingdom of Dublin
Died December 8th, 1323
Rouen, Kingdom of France
Burial December 21st, 1323
Eaglais Naomh Peadar, Sasana
Religion Roman Catholic
King Conchobar I was the heir to Tormand of Ireland, founder of the Kingdom of Ireland. Crowned king after his father's death in 1289 Conchobar's reign was marked by a vicious rivalry with France and complete dominion over Britain. Conchobar was killed in battle with the French on December 8th, 1323 and was buried in the Eaglais Naomh Peadar (translation: Church of Saint Peter) which was the former site of Westminster Abbey.


Conchobar I was born in Dublin on June 16th, 1258, his father was Tormand the king of Dublin (later king of Ireland) and his mother was the English noblewoman Lady Anastasia de Montfort. Conchobar's birth helped secure his father's throne with the existence of a male heir. The same year Tormand would be crowned King of Ireland by the pope.

Much of Conchobar's life prior to his marriage is unknown but he was reported to have said he had a "content and enjoyable life in my early days". In 1275 Conchobar married the princess of Scotland in an arranged marriage set up by Tormand and the king of Scotland. Almost two years after the marriage the couple's first son Torquil was born, two years after that their second and final child Conchobar II was born.

On March 19th, 1286 Conchobar's father-in-law Alexander III of Scotland was killed in a horse riding accident. Alexander had no sons and Conchobar was unable to take the throne for himself, the only legitimate successor was his oldest son Torquil. Since Torquil was not yet old enough to rule on his own Conchobar was named his regent and ruled Scotland for three years.

Marriage and Issue

On May 1st 1275 Conchobar married Margaret of Scotland, daughter of the King of Scotland Alexander III. The marriage was arranged his father in order to cultivate an alliance with Scotland, the newly weds had only met twice before their marriage. Despite this Margaret and Conchobar eventually fell in love and produced two sons.


Torquil of Scotland (Born. September 29th, 1276), married Margaret of France.

Conchobar II (Born. October 19th, 1278), married Gwenllian of Wales.

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