Concepcian Civil War
Date February 01, 1983 - June 08, 1983
Location Major cities of Concepcion
Result Overthrow of the military government of Conception:

- Deposition of Demóstenes Menezes
- LMNR is declared illegal
- Direct presidential elections are scheduled for August
- Development of a new constitution

FlagConcepcion Government of Concepción

CoAConcepcion Army of Concepcion
LMNRconcepcion LMNR

Flag of Concepcion (civil) Concepcion

Red star Workers' Party
Red Army flag Communist Party
Democraticmovementconcepcion All-Union Party
Democraticmovementconcepcion Democratic Movement
Blue Flag 3 Nationalist Restoration Party
Anarchist flag Anarchists

Anarchist flag Anarchists
Commanders and leaders
LMNRconcepcion Demóstenes Menezes
CoAConcepcion Mar. Paulo César†
CoAConcepcion Gen. Tenório José†
CoAConcepcion Gen. Luíz Nascimento
CoAConcepcion Gen. Wilson dos Santos
Democraticmovementconcepcion André Carlos Rodrigues

Red star Aristides da Silva
Red star Francisco Marques
Democraticmovementconcepcion Guilhermo Bonafim
Blue Flag 3 Gen. Galeão Cardoso
Red Army flag Dênis Fernandes
Anarchist flag Roberto Lamarca (A)

Anarchist flag Josué Martins de Souza

Anarchist flag Vinícius Almeida Dacosta

1.342.589 soldiers

5 tanks

982.351 militants

89.265 anarchists
1 tank

217.973 anarchists
Casualties and losses
313.759 soldiers

2 tanks
92.472 civilians

143.978 militants and anarchists 98.356 anarchists
The Concepcian Civil War, (Portuguese: Revolução Democrática de 1983), was an overthrow on the government, which prevailed in the country for 30 years. The revolution took place in major cities of the country including Paraná, Santiago dos AndesSanto Antônio and Porto das Virgens, among others.

The civil war began on February 01, 1983, it would occur until early June. The beginning was a rebellion in the center of Port of Virgins, the third largest city in the country, which had extended to all the country.

The reasons on which the war was declared were several, among them were, hyperinflation, which reached there the number of 301%; The high external debt; repressive laws, and disappearances, torture and murdering that occurred in cabins in the National Vigilance & Security Service (SSVN).

In May 1983, the president Demóstenes Menezes, was deposed by the House of Representatives, with an interim government taking its place, the Council of Ministers elected by the House.






Marlon Alves

Chambers of Torture



The government reacts

State of Emergency declared

The rebellion extends all over the country

Democratic victory

Reaction of the World Press

UN Embargo

Bombing of the Presidential Palace

End of the War


The Military

Culture and art


  • Nação Abismado (Astonished Nation) - progressive rock album of the Concepcian singer, Leonardo Raíz.
  • Capital de Lixo (Garbage Capital) - punk rock album from the Concepcian band, Pretos e Verdes.
  • Domínio Público (Public Domain) - punk rock album from the band, Vindo da Estrada.


  • Freedom Avenue, directed by Cristóvão Lazier, a 2008 film.
  • Dacosta, directed by Anderson Muniz, It is an adaptation of the biography of the anarchist Vinicius Dacosta, with the same name.