Russia is a nation that is rich in history. From the various wars it has been apart of, to the conflicts it is involved in today, Russia has been a big player on the global stage for a very long time. Never has Russian History been more turbulent than the time from the Russian Revolution to the Russian Civil War. After Nicholas II abdicated, a provisional government known as the Russian Republic that was headed by Georgy Lvov and eventually Alexander Kerensky. Kerensky was most noted as been an incompetent leader, he gained hatred from his countrymen after he launched another failed offensive during World War I. The people's resentment eventually boiled over and ultimately lead to the October Revolution, which brought Lenin to power and soathed the seas for the creation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. However before his deposition, Kerensky had proposed an idea for a reformed Russia, which would of been the Russian Democratic Federative Republic.

But imagine for a second if Kerensky was a different man? What if Kerensky was a more cunning and courageous leader, who could lead Russia out of the chaos it was in? What would Russia look like today? How would this affect the Cold War? How would this affect the 20th Century? What would Russia's imagine abroad be had there been a Competent Kerensky?