This timeline is about a slightly alternate version of the Space Race with the Arms Race slowing down as NATO and Warsaw Pact nations disarming their nuclear arsenals. Military bases are established on the moon with the United States establishing Fortification Ridge in the early 70's. As of 2010 numerous national and international moon bases are established for civilian and scientific use. Computers are a bit more advanced than OTL due to the USSR and US sharing computing technology in the 70's. 

Points of Divergence/Differences

  • Lee Harvey Oswald misses Kennedy and shoots him in the shoulder and is arrested.
  • Kennedy survives and serves the rest of his term in office. 
  • The Soviet Union lands on the moon in 1967.
  • Project Horizons is given the go ahead.
  • Skylab is boosted into a higher orbit and is still used today.
  • Mir is hijacked by a crazed terrorist in 1987.
  • The European Space Agency is more advanced than in OTL with a small moon base in the 1980's.
  • A joint British/EU military base is established on the moon in 1989.
  • Australia is a minor power in the space race along with New Zealand. 
  • Russia is more peaceful, the Ukraine crisis doesn't happen as Putin was kicked out of office in 2003 after apparent corruption. 

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