A company is a legal entity comprised of a collection of individuals, usually utilized to run a business. Members of a company pool their various skills and talents, working toward a common goal. In business a corporation or group will usually form a enterprise or firm and undertake the trade of goods and services between consumers. In capitalist economies businesses are widespread and predominant, usually privately owned and administered to provide service to customers for profit.

Since the invention of the Prometheus Engine in 1860, many inventors have rose to become prominent business magnate and industrialist, controlling vast amounts of capital and other resources.

The following is a list of companies that have been made rich, famous, or otherwise notable in the Of Clockwork and Men timeline.


Logo Name Years Place of Origin Founder Industry Notes
Hayes Automotive 1839- England Sir Reginald Hayes Steam Engines, Automotives
Holmes Steel 1865 - Present England Barnabus Holmes Steel
Carnegie Steel United States Andrew Carnegie Steel
Drei Ringe von Krupp Krupp 1587 - Present Essen, Germany Arndt Krupp Steel, ammunition, armaments
Omega Watches 1848 - Present La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland Louis Brandt Watch manufacturing
Rembert-Cabal Aeronautics 1870 - Present Les Poulders, France Loïc Rembert, Marzhin Cabal Airships Operations moved to Quebec after the Second French Revolution.
Newton Airships Great Britain Airships
Karl Kraufman Company 1879 - Present Germany
Benz Patent-Motorwagen 1886 - 1890 Germany Karl Benz Automobiles Merged with the Karl Kraufman Company's automobile division to form Kraufman-Benz
Compañía Aérea Halcón 1905 - Present Ibiza, Spain Alfonso Juan Ibáñez. Airships In 1908 the company was purchased by the Spanish royal family.
Bellaircraftlogo Bell Aircraft 10 July 1935 Buffalo, New York Lawrence Dale Bell Aerospace, Airships
London Small Arms 1866 - Present London Various. Pistol and Rifle manufacture.
Yamada Industries 1910 Tokyo Isaburo Yamada Marine Craft and Airship manufacture Date of foundation unknown due to records being destroyed in a fire. 1910 was the year of first use of Promethian technology
Sir W G Armstrong Whitworth & Co Ltd 1847 - present Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England William Armstrong, 1st Baron Armstrong Armaments, Automoblies, Ships, Locomotives.
Air New Zealand 1965 - present Wellington, New Zealand James Martin Transport (personal and freight)


Logo Name Years Place of Origin Parent Company Industry Notes
Germaniawerft 1867- Kiel, Germany Krupp Shipbuilding Purchased in 1896
Kraufman-Benz 1890- Germany Karl Kraufman Company Automobiles Formed from the Merger of the Karl Kraufman Company's automobile division with Benz.
Armstrong-Witworth AFA 1916- Coventry, England Sir W G Armstrong Whitworth & Co Ltd Armoured Fighting Automoblies Formed to produce a British 'Thor' at the governments request.

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