This is to discuss the current UR-Antarctic Cities Association due to developments in the 2000s concerning a light independence movement.

UR Proposal

Seeing that there may be regions that wish for further autonomy, beyond current Territorial status and government of the current United Republics structure. The United Republics proposes the following:

  • The entity Antarctic Cities will be dissolved.
  • The cities of New Falklands (2500), New London (5000), New Stanley (2500) and the research facility of New Cambridge will be placed under Antartida (The current dependency of the UR). 
  • New Manchester (2500) and never completed twin New Portsmouth* (Located east of New Manchester) will have the option to be successors to the Antarctic Cities and operate as UR dependency or territory. If these territories wish to seek independence, they may state their reasoning below. 
  • New Liverpool (2500) will have the option to join Antarctic Cities or to join Antartida, and will be decided on by its people, the Antartida Dependency Governor, the United Republics executive branch, and other sources. 
  • Despite its small population (yet approximately equal to the Magnas Malvinas) Antartida will be placed on a path to nationhood within the UR.
  • The UR will continue to trade and supply both its own Antarctic Cities and the others, no matter which status within or outside the UR they chose from it. 

NB: New Portsmouth was never completed as it started construction then was never worked on any more in further posts.

NB: All of the cities lie within the current boundaries of Antartida, a UR direct dependency since 1974 and a UR territory since 1973 and earlier for some portions.

NB: proposal was made on 2002.75. 

G greg e (talk) will be in full control of Antartida and its cities while Local Mafia Boss will be in control of New Manchester and New Portsmouth.


Antarctica Cities

Map of the Antarctic Cities

UR Antartida Dependency.

Various Responses and Ideas

Antarctic Cities Response/Idea/Declaration

We propose that Antartida takes New Falkland and New Stanley, and we keep New London, as New Falkland and New Stanley are the Capitals, but New London is the largest, and most important to us.

UR Response 

This depends on what status the territories in question which to be and their intention. We are still confused to why the Cities want to be independent, although the amount has died down (2002.75 Mod Event). And what we can do to better their current situation and give the people what they want.

AC response

The citizens of the AC desire complete control of our nation, not having to check with a greater nation for everything we do, or indeed, anything we do. Every nation should have the freedom to do what it wants.

UR Response 

However, this is only a smaller portion of your people, and it has further died down as of 2002.75. Our proposal stands, and New Manchester and New Portsmouth will be granted independence if that's what they wish. In addition, a majority of your people are from the United Republics, and may not be happy at all losing the benefits of being in the United Republics.

Final Terms

UR gets New London, New Falklands and New Stanley.

AC gets New Manchester and New Portsmouth.

They both get some of the City Building Technology.

They collaborate in New Cambridge

AC can create more Cities, As can the UR.

AC can have a Military.

UR Amendments (Combined with final terms)

UR gets New London and New Cambridge, New Falklands, New Stanley, and New Liverpool

AC gets New Manchester and New Portsmouth.

They both get the Underground City Building Technology and can sell  nor trade the cities or technology to any other nation under any condition whatsoever. 

They collaborate in New Cambridge on research pertaining to 

Both the UR and AC can create more cities, albeit on their own territory.

AC can have a military.

AC can offer to make purchases of UR Antarctic Territory. However, the UR can decline to sell. 


United Republics: We are concerned as to where the AC would be building more cities, as any within UR territory or dependencies would be considered an act of expansion against the UR. 

AC: They will be built under unclaimed territory, or, with the consent of the other nations with territory in Antarctica, under the other nation's territory.

United Republics: There is no unclaimed territory in Antarctica. The United Republics, Oceania, Iberia, and the United States own all the land. 

AC: We accept these terms

Various other Official Responses


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