Comunidade Bernardense
Comunidade do ABC
Community of San Bernardo
Timeline: Regnum Bueno
Preceded by 1974-1980 Succeeded by
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Flag Coat of Arms

Que a comunidade prevaleça! (Portuguese)

Anthem "Hino Comunitário"
(and largest city)
Cidade de Bernardo
Other cities Cidade de Andreense

Cidade de Caetano

Language Portuguese
Religion None (state atheism)
Government Single party socialist state
  legislature João Amazonas
Area 825 km²
Currency Banterum
 The Comunidade Bernardense (Community of San Bernardo), or Comunidade do ABC (ABC Community) was a non-recognized nation in South America, more specifically, in the ABC Paulista Region (Greater São Paulo). Declared independent in 1974, after Prestes decree the end of the communist regime.

Divergences: Presteism and Amazonism

Luís Carlos Prestes and João Amazonas were rivals in politics, occurring divergences and creating two opposing ideologies within the São Paulo communism. João Amazonas put a harsh regime in the "nation" of San Bernardo. The regime, like the Soviet Union, banned religions and includes the one-party state.

The future president, Lula, speaking to 60,000 metalworkers in São Bernardo Stadium.


Workers in the ABC region, were dissatisfied with the regime imposed by the then secretary general, João Amazonas, and triggered a revolt that lasted four days gathering (de jure), the two nations (San Bernardo and San Paulo).