Previous Hitler Dies in "Accident" (CYOAH)

The Communists now have complete control over Germany; Chancellor Ivan Struesgard demands a draft of every available man. The economy is stimulated with the mass production of tanks, uniforms, firearms, etc. Struesgard wastes no time in the implementation of this newfound military power, and invades Poland. Over the next few months, German troops march across Poland, killing those who do not accept Communism, and adding those that do to their ranks.

Eventually, the German forces arrive at the Soviet border, and ask for annexation; to which the Soviets accept. With the total support of the Union, Ivan attacks every European country within reach, except France and the UK.

It is not long before Communist forces have Europe in a stranglehold, with France under increasing pressure; a fractured Spain slowly becoming Communist; and Greece nearly conquered. Italy is also in a civil war, with Communist troops pushing further south every day, North Africa and the Middle East will soon be prime targets. With a sudden influx of troops, he is faced with a decision; who to conquer first?

Conquer Spain

Conquer Italy

Conquer Greece.

Jazon Naparleon 01:07, July 26, 2010 (UTC)

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