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The Communists in America, taking advantage of the country's instability, begin a revolution. Although starting out small, they quickly gain new members across the nation, mainly from unemployed and anti-war protestors. The anti-Communist Goldwater orders military action against them, prompting the Commies to become more aggressive.

A civil war breaks out, and after years of fighting, Communists take over Washington. John Gates becomes the new President, enacting many new socialist policies. He ends the war with Germany, pleasing his largely anti-war followers. However, he is unpopular with many Americans, who still view communism with suspicion.

The USSR contacts the new United Socialist States of America, asking for help in attacking Germany. Gates knows continuing the war might be enough to please the people, but it would deeply upset his followers. He needs to make a careful decision.

Doctor Evulz (talk) 17:14, December 16, 2012 (UTC)

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