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Stalin decides that the invasion of Finland must go ahead, but anything that gives the Reich trouble is fine by him. He thus decides to send weapons to the Rebels, in the hopes that they can succeed without him.

The invasion of Finland goes much like normal, and Stalin gets the territory that he wanted. In Europe, with Soviet aid, the rebels are able to defeat the German forces and parts of the Reich form Communist states. The Germans figure out that the Russians were supplying them with weapons, but they can't do anything about it, as they are busy with a myriad of internal conflicts. In order to stop the Reich from crumbling a strong leader must be in office, but whom will it be? Heinz Guderian, the brilliant general who has never lost a battle? Erich Von Manstein, Mastermind of the Blitzkreig? Or Albert Speer, the grand German architect?

Who will lead Germany during its darkest days ?

Azecreth 12:24, August 21, 2010

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