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Please note bold means it's a true event.

Welcome to Communist Spain

1936-1939: The Spanish Civil War. The Nationalists against the Spanish Republic. In OTL, the nationalists won. But what if they didn't?


Italy doesn't fund the Spanish Nationalists (like they did in OTL) and the Nationalists have less military support


July 1936: The Spanish Civil War starts

December 1937 - February 1938: Republicans take Teruel and manage to keep it.

March 1938 - April, 1938: Nationalists launch the Aragon Offensive. They don't manage to take Aragon.

June 1938 - July 1938: Battle of Pamplona. Republicans attack the city of Pamplona. Nationalists manage to defend the city but lose many troops doing it.

September 1938 - January 1939: Tajo Assault: Republicans move up the river, Tajo, and use this to start a surprise assault on Cáceres and they managed to take the city. They use the Tajo to attack many cities until the Nationalists attack the river formations.

March 18th - March 19th 1939: German Luftwaffe bomb the Republican city of Lerida.

April 1939 - March 1939: Republicans bomb the cities of Leon and Seville.

June 1939: Battle of Madrid. Nationalists attack Madrid and take it.

September 1939: World War II breaks out.

September - November 1939: The Castile-Leon Offensive: The Nationalists launch a offensive against the region of Castile-Leon. This was the last chance the Nationalists had. This attack lasted 3 months. Land was taken and lost by the Nationalists until 22nd November when the Nationalists surrendered.

December 1939: Spain is renamed 'The Loyalist Republic of Spain' and declares alliance with the Soviet Union as the USSR funded the Republicans. The President of this country is Manuel Azaña.

January 3rd, 1941: Manuel Azaña dies of a heart attack.

March 1941: Spain declares itself a communist nation and is called 'The People's Republic of Spain'.

April 1941: Spain declares war on Nazi Germany and invades Nazi occupied France and Vichy France as the Soviet Union and Britain was funding them.

September 1942: Spain takes the Vichy city of Toulouse and the surrounding area.

January 1943: Vichy France and People's Republic of Spain sign a peace treaty, The Treaty of Toulouse

September 1943: Spain invades Portugal.

April 1944: Portugal surrenders. The country is integrated into The People's Republic of Spain.

September 1945: World War II ends.

1947: Cold War starts and Spain allies with USSR, China etc.

1959: Cuba becomes under control of Fidel Castro.

1986: People's Republic of Spain leaves the Warsaw Pact and becomes the Spanish Democratic Republic.

1989: Poland leaves the Warsaw Pact.

1990: The Warsaw Pact makes peace with NATO, ending the Cold War and the Space Race. NATO and the Warsaw Pact agree on the objective to reach to the stars. Parts of U.S.S.R disbands and the U.S.S.R becomes the Federal Soviet Republic.

1995: As the communist government in China starts to collapse, Russia and America help reinstall the Republic of China's government.

1993-1999: Debates start between Spain and France about who should own Toulouse.

1999: Toulouse becomes a independent nation.

1999: The Second Iran-Iraq War starts over political, economic and ideological issues.

2002: Soviet-American Alliance put a stop to the Second Iran-Iraq War. This created three nations; Republic of Oman, Republic of Ilam and Republic of Kalar.

2004: Soviet-American Alliance set up a Lunar Colony on the near side on the Moon, near Mare Humorium.

2006: Spain and France, who had become good allies since 1990's, becomes the French-Spanish Republic.

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