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Communist states (No Napoleon)

Nations that had taken part in a communist revolution (non-chronological).

The Communist Revolutions were a series of political upheavals throughout Asia in the early through mid-20th century, beginning immediately after the First World War. The majority of the nations had been situated in Asia had been influenced by the success of the Soviet Union, which had tried to counter the spread of Republican Revolutions.


Soviet Union

Flag of the Soviet Union

Flag of the Soviet Union

Main article: Russian Civil War


Flag of the Chinese Communist Party

Flag of China

Main article: Chinese Civil War



Flag of Afghanistan (1978-1980)

Flag of Afganistan



Flag of the Union of German Socialist Republics

Flag of the Prussian Communist Party

Main article: Prussian Revolution



Flag of the Alaskan SSR (No Napoleon)

Flag of the Alaskan SSR

Central America

Flag of Communist Central America (No Napoleon)

Flag of the Central Union

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