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In history, near catastrophic events happen to be almost all the time. In the late 20th century to early 21st century, the world had almost faced the end. Two countries had caused the catastrophic change to the Point of Divergence. The United States of America, and Japan.

Point of Divergence


The riots in Japan were only protests in the beginning. This image represents citizens who want no part in war.

On July 2001, the United States of America had declared that Japan is finally ready enough to become fully independent from the World War 2 allies. Japan can join or even plan for war again, the Japanese received a chance of being a deadly empire again, which is why all of this happens. Riots Up roared in Tokyo with men burning themselves on fire, beer bottles broken, shops ruined, signs crossing out PM Junichiro Koizumi and George W. Bush, police cars covered with graffiti burning. Foreign companies were pulling out of Japan because they wanted no part in serving a new Japanese Empire.

Planning to Capture Japan

On January 1st 2004, Yong Zhang became President of the Peoples Republic of China. His campaign for election was to overthrow the independent Japanese forces while they're weak, assuming aid from America was abolished, It was not. US forces secretly remain in Japan in bunkers, awaiting the Chinese to attack. Battle ready American soldiers wait while the US has issued a DEFCON 2.

Beginning of The Invasion of Japan.

July 4th 2005, China had begun the invasion of Japan. The practically unfinished Liaoning aircraft carrier was deployed en route to the perimeter of Japan. Soldiers of the liberation army dropped from helicopters, planes, landed from disguised fishing boats, any way to get inside Japan.The United States was obliviously furious with the invasion of Japan, they deployed the soldiers in bunkers there. The soldiers played the waiting game while the US military was en route to Japan.

The Takeover of Japan.

July 5th 2005, the People's Liberation Army had done it. Take over Japan, or at least they think they did. A protest started in Beijing. Civilians covering up Tienanmen Square just like the massacre in 1989. The protesters held up signs saying "It was a trap.", "We are at war again", and "Yong Zhang we are all going to die under you." etc. At the same time that protest was happening, Poverty had erupted in Japan, homes were raided, concentration camps under construction. The US military had arrived. Aircraft carriers and everything. The army was deployed. Chinese soldiers are already surprised that the US military intervened when Japan had no aid from America any longer. The Chinese radioed the American military, saying that there will be nothing left of your country if you attack us. A stand off between two of the forces lasted for a year and seven months.

Chinese Genocide of 2006

Titan II launch

The Titan II the US had secretly put inside the UK.

On the morning of November 22nd 2006, A DEFCON 1 had been issued. The American's ICBM'S were ready to fire at the Chinese. The Chinese would think a bomb is coming from the United Kingdom instead. The US sacrificed the UK to nuclear extinction for a decoy. When America had the time to get China, they did it. China was now partially, a nuclear wasteland. And so was there old enemy, the UK. This tragedy would come to be known as, the Chinese Genocide of 2006.

Japan Is No Longer One.

Poverty, pulled out stock and companies. Shut down nuclear power plants. Chinese soldiers being picked off by American soldiers. The US won't stay in Japan after all the Chinese has been picked off. After all, it was George W. Bush that proposed Japan to be independent from ally forces.

May 29th 2007, Japan is now alone under no control, the government can't do anything to stop all this chaos, Men with guns on the street holding up signs of a revolution. Such a situation seems similar? Hikaru Mizushima leads one out of three revolutionist groups to change Japan The Ezo Separatists . The other two revolutionist groups were the Communists, and the Imperialists. War raged between the three groups up until 2010.

A deal had been proposed by the Communist revolutionists. All the Ezo Separatists ever wanted was to just have the Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido. Which at the time, was mostly communist territory. The communists just want communism in Japan. Why not a separatist, Single Party country? Thus was the People's of Ezo was born, and the imperialist revolutionists gone. The res

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