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New Minnesota
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: South Minnesota And Northern Iowa
Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
New Minnesota
Location of New Minnesota
Capital Fairmont
Largest city Fairmont
Other cities Elmore, Ledyard, Northwood, Cresco, Sibley, Steen, Peterson, Springfield, Fort Dodge, Plainview, Le Mars, Algona, and Darfur
  others Spanish, Greek, Chinese, French, Russian, Polish, and Arabic
Population 20,000 
Independence January 6, 1989
Currency US Dollar, Barter


After the nuclear war the nation of Minnesota and Iowa went to war. The war lasted six years until the they decided to join together and form one nation. They knew that the rest of America was weak and new nations were forming. The first in the year of the nation in 1989 the President Dirk Valhinkale made the country Communist.



Troops used the AK-47 assault rifle gun as their primary weapon, the M1 Garand as secondary, and the Deaser Eagle as our pistol. There is about 5000 troops in service right now.


The main political party of our nation is the Communist Party. The leader of this nation as of 2010 President Steven Cosmo. The President serves six years every term. The President has a cabinet of 12 people that help him with the nations problems. There are 12 judges that rotate every case. 



Rock music is popular with Jazz in as a close second.


Burgers are the most popular food. 


Basketball and baseball are the most popular sports.


People celebrate Christmas and Easter every year.


Our economy is based on agriculture and industry


We farm wheat, corn and hay. We make dairy products. Our land is sold to people to make homes, businesses and farms on. We cut our trees and sell them. We also have domesticated animals that we tame.


We mine our caves for coal.

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