February 18, 1907. It was a cold and foggy evening in Vienna. Hitler didn't have any heat, so he covered his windows with wooden planks and had to sleep on his thin, metal cot with 4 cheap carpets covering him. After a few hours of nothing but the soft wind whispering in his ear, he heard a very loud knock on the door that almost scared him. He slowly rose up out of his bed, instantly shivering and walked to the door. He opened the door and saw the mailman. "A package from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna has arrived, sir." Hitler gave his thanks and closed the door, package in hand. He ran back to his cot, sat on it, and slowly teared the package. He began to get more and more excited each time he tore another piece. Finally, he saw a very big pack of paper with the Academy of Fine Arts stamped over it. Hitler scanned the pages when finally, he saw it. Hitler then quickly threw the paper on the floor. He started to cover his mouth, and softly cried. Then, when he felt he cried enough, he wiped his eyes and grabbed the paper and went to the part that made him cry and read it quietly, while tears filled his eyes. "We have decided to enroll you in the Academy. Congratulations." Hitler then put the paper under his cot, and went to sleep. This is Communist Hitler.

Point of Divergence

So if you didn't read that giant paragraph up there, basically the Point of Divergence is that Hitler is accepted in the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, which means he would problably be influenced by a lot more people, and a lot of Communists. So, what if he was so influenced by his Communist peers that he becomes a Communist himself?

After University...

Once Hitler graduates from the Academy in 1912, he decides to enroll in Austrian politics instead of German so more people could relate to him and his culture. After successfully rising up the ranks and finally becoming the youngest Prime Minister in 1915, he then publicly announces to the Austrians that he was a Communist. The Austrian people were very mad at Hitler, since he didn't announce this earlier, but they still trusted him. Meanwhile, WWI is raging in Europe, and in early 1916, in order to gain the Austrians' support, Hitler enrolled in the army. After the war ends, he returns home a glorious military hero, even though they lost. Hitler tries to encourage the Austrians to gain more pride and idealism, for they were looking at the world extremely wrong. After continuously encouraging them more and more, the Austrian people elect him as their new President in 1924. He makes more Communist ideals, limiting the taxes on the poor and enforcing taxes on the rich. However, it makes more of a negative impact due to most of the rich aristocrats leaving and more and more factories being suspended. The Austrian people now despise Hitler for his extreme Communist ideals forcing permanent debt and suffering on the rich and poor since with the loss of factories, more poor people are unemployed, giving Austria a permanent scar on their employment rate. Once his term ended, they didn't elect him again. Hitler then decides to go to for his plan B: Germany. 

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