In this timeline, the Soviet Union won the Cold War, and The US is No longer United, with many states being free Republics, or A couple Different ideologies different from their Father nation they broke away from. This Scenario looks into what if the Soviets Won the Cold War. Quick shout out to the "Red World" mod for HOI4!! Their timeline Helped influence and give me a Turning point in the Cold War where the Soviets saw victory!


The History stays rather the same, up until the Cold War. After World War 2, the Korean Peninsula was split between the soviets in the north, and the Americans in the south, with both governments claiming to be The legitimate government of the Korean Peninsula, this lead to extreme hostilities with each other, and eventually lead to the conflict Known as the "Korean War", where the North Korean Reds crossed the border into South Korea, and, sense the Americans took away the South Korean Army's weapons and Tanks so that they wouldn't invade the North, the Northerners quickly pushed back the South Koreans to their last province in the southeast. The UN recognized North Korea's Aggression and invasion in the south, and agreed to dispatch a "Peacekeeping force" to aid the south, with the American's Majorly supporting the South, and dispatching their own expeditionary forces to the south. The Combined forces of the U.S. and the U.N. push the North already back to the North Korea-China Border, China, not wanting US troops on their border, Quickly entered the war on the north's side, and pushed the Coalition forces to the 38th parallel, with the Soviets sending aid and Volunteers to the North and China. For two years the Front would be at a Stalemate until the Chinese and North Korean Forces Finally broke through the Coalition Lines, and pushed the South Koreans back to Bosan City. The UN Ordered for a Armistice to signed, the US reluctantly agreed.

In 1953, an Armistice was signed with the North, which saw the North annexing the Republic of Korea (South Korea). This weakened the U.S. Economy and Lowered War support Rate.

more too be added

Modern Day

THIS WILL SOON BE CHANGED It's 2017.... the US has lost the Cold War... communism has spread to the American homeland... the US has collapsed.. Britain stands alone, the Communist Party of Great Britain is very popular within The British State, and is threatening to the Centuries year old British crown, who has ruled Britain to this day, while other right wing populist movements also compete for power with The CPGB. Africa has fallen to Communism, specifically radical socialism, while Black Supremacy is also widespread. The Warsaw Pact is still alive and thriving, ruling over Europe with an iron fist. South America is now the Africa of the New world, as the right wing dictators the former US supported and got into power now are just clinging to power, with no support from the outside world. Cuba is a Strong economic power in the Americas, Brazil is the New Regional Power in all of the Americas, this includes the countries that came out of the failed US experiment. Asia is dominated by China, while Right Wing Radicalism and Fundementalism have taken hold of the Japanese Archapelego. The Middle East is more stable with new Soviet backed dictators, such as in Syria and Iraq and even turkey, where Kurdish rebels bleeded into existence. This is a very different world from our own, in this scenario you will see the political climate in the world now that the US presence is gone, freedom and capitalism are not widespread, as the US was destroyed and the world saw capitalism as a failure, plus they had to cope with the now dominate Soviet stock markets.

THE SOVIET UNION 300px-Flag_of_the_Soviet_Union.svg.png

The Soviets are only world super power, and works to spread communism. After their victory alongside the Allies during the Great Patriotic War, the Cold War kicked off with the Berlin Airlift, with was a US air lift of supplies to help the starving people of West Berlin who the Soviets were blockading and not letting basic food supplies and stuff from getting through. Nothing could get in or out, and 2 American tank divisions were trapped in there alongside a couple million berliners. The US Air Force sooon solved this issue by doing an airlift over to West Berlin, as the Soviet couldn't shoot down these planes as that would be an act of war, so the Soviets found themselves having to let the airlift succeed, and soon they allowed supply convoys to finally go through to Berlin. But soon the Soviets saw more success later in the Cold War...

More too be added!

GREAT BRITAIN 255px-Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg.png

Britain, or the United Kingdom (UK), is one the last remaining Free Capitalistic Countries In Europe, it has lost a lot of its influence over the years, it lost India to a revolution, it got to keep a Hold on Sri Lanka though (for now), and still has a lot of overseas Territories! The British Population usually gets depressed thinking about the reality of life, how the Second Great War was a tragedy, and how Isolated Britain is, and thinking of the glory days of he British empire, it's not something you talk about with the Citizens of Britannia. The third Largest and most Popular party on the Little Island is The Communist Party of Great Britain, they would rather join in with the iron curtain, and gain the luxuries of the EUSSR and Become communist then stay with the west, which is relatable, the west's power over Europe has crumbled, no point in really staying allied to it. Britain economy isn't as Grand as it used to be, but it still is going strong.

GERMAN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC 255px-Flag_of_German_Democratic_Republic.svg.png

Some might be surprised to see the Loser of The 2nd Great War be one of the Great Powers in the new world order, while yes, it's true, the Germans were the unfortunate ones in both world wars, and they are the most influential in Europe, as they were the ones who Initiated the Creation of the EUSSR, they aren't as strong as they used to be, the Economy of The GDR is terrible, The country has had two famines in its life time, this is because the lack of Gas the country gets and produces,preventing food to be transported. the Soviet Union wants to prevent a "Fourth Reich" from popping up again, even though both Germans and the Leaders of the USSR that won't happen as long as Germany is under the wing of Communism, the Soviets are practically playing Monkey in the middle with Germany, preventing valuable amounts of oil from coming to Germany just to see the chaos they cause, only because they want to see how Influential they are. They Stall Germany's Economy just for fun, as the "Great" Stalin once vowed to get revenge on the Germans and make them suffer, the Leaders of The Communist Powerhouse have continued this trend and Continue to Ruin the lives of many Germans, and trust me, the Germans are Knowing of this, they KNOW the living conditions they are in, they have seen how Much more beautiful Paris is to Berlin, they have SEEN Warsaw and Moscow, they aren't stupid to know what's the difference between almost starving to death is and what Healthiness is, it's just that they are to weak to rebel, and the possibility of a Free, Capitalistic or Social Democratic Germany is impossible when the Entirety of Europe will sanction and invade them, putting them back where they were just a few hours ago, poor, Hungry Peasants in a Still War torn Land, where their overlords want them to remember the bad stuff they did before their time...

UNION OF ITALY 255px-State_Ensign_of_Italy.svg.png

The Union of Italy, or just Italy (sometimes referred to as "Italia") is the aftermath of the Fallen Fascist Regime of Mussolini, Thanks to partisans and the Red Army, the Tyrant was replaced with a New one, or should I refer to him as that? The Italian communist government actually allows more freedoms then most Countries in the communist Bloc, along with Yugoslavia, Italians get The freedom of religion and Freedom of Assembly, no restrictions. Yes speaking out against the government is Restricted, but criticizing a Certain Italian leader, even if it's a Party Member, is allowed, as long as it isn't directly against communism, especially when the majority of he government dislikes that certain person or persons, then its allowed. The Soviet Union is Tolerant of this, as it doesn't go against their beliefs too much. Still, the people Italia are Nationalistic people, it has a much more resistant government then That of Germany's as past attempts of trying to control the Trade of oil to Italy, or the Blocking of certain Major Government members have been failures. The Soviet Union wants to make sure the Communist Bloc is Stable, so they try to make sure nothing major like Italy going rogue and then they have to have a big invasion or Political Debate with the Italian government over it, making a Hot mess in the political Scheme, and possibly making a bad example of the Peoples in the Communist Bloc and governments, so the Soviet Union is more tolerant, while keeping a good eye of the government. Another part why Italy hasn't suffered that much as Germany is that the Italian People did attempt to iverghrough their government, the Italian Partisans were an anti-Fascist group, Containing Republicans,Anarchists,Socialists,Liberals, and communists, making the Italians more likable to the government of the USSR and thus easy to Wim the hearts of the Italian People with the image of Fascism as evil, and that the Italian People overthrew Tyranny with their own Bare hands! And that the Russians Supported them and helped liberate the country. These Things make Italy more likable and more trustworthy with the Soviets.


The French Commune of France for short, is what came out of the Soviet Liberation of German-Occupied France, mind you, the Territory that Vichy France held was liberated by the Free French, and soon became South France, a Free,Capitalist Country in the Old Vichy Land. This "South France" lasted until 1989, when the New Social democratic Regime of The Republic of France called for a referendum about reunification with The north, 94% percent of the vote said "yes" and so, the wall that expanded across the border of the two nations (it was built by both as an Agreement) was Soon Knocked down by tanks that smashed through the walls lack nothing, Suddenly, Hundreds of thousands of Northern Troops came rushing in, which crowds cheering when they arrived in cities. The people who voted "no" for unification were hunted down, the Old Southern government were allowed to leave, as they were Pro-North and were favorable, some even stayed, which the government allowed. All the people who voted "no" disappeared over night, the government Said that "They Left the country because after decades of Division Between the 2 countries was fixed and reunited, they were against uniting as one and wanted to start chaos somewhere else." Though in reality they were put in jail on Corsica, and were tortured to death. The Commune of France is one of the Most Radical of All the Nations in the communist Blocs, they are VERY Anti-Fascist and Anti-West and will hunt down anyone who appears to Be in conflict with this. They are very brutal towards dissidents as well, but do it in quiet, a protest will be As Censored and Controlled as Possible, and after the protest, all Participants will be hunt down and Put in Maximum security prison, where the torture and brainwashing begin. The Economy of the French is Amazing, the French are the most wealthiest country in Europe, Italy is The Second most wealthiest, then Yugoslavia, then Denmark and the Scandinavian countries. French are very Left wing nationalistic, and Radical, and will not tolerate Any Western or anti-French activities, this is why it's dangerous to be British in France, French are thought that the British are Cruel, and Always wanted to enslave the French, and so the French are very Brutal towards Englishmen, though Welsh and Scots are treated with honor, as the French are taught that that the English are Forcing the Scots and Welsh into their "Union" and are The poorest of the poor in Britain, and are Comminly used as Slaves, of course, this is simply lies and French Radicalist propaganda.

NORDIC SSR 255px-Proposed_German_National_Flag_1919.svg.png

The Nordic SSR, Also referred to as the Danish SSR or just Denmark, sometimes even referred to as Denmark-Norway, Is the Red Union of 2 very similar countries: Denmark and Norway. After the Communists Liberated the Poor and helpless Norwegian and Danes from the Wrath of the Nazis, they Forced them into a Communist Union known As the Nordic SSR, now it's not a global power by any means, but it sure is an Economic Powerhouse! It's the fourth wealthiest country in Europe, with a Good amount of influence in the EUSSR, and one of the most trustworthiness states. The Union tends to Break out into chaos whenever a Leader resigns/Dies, guns go off, planned assassinations of possible rivals that could take away your Communist throne, its chaos, its game of thrones, but without the thrones. Eventually, either after mostly everyone that could be a threat to someone is killed or the military steps in and selects a leader OR the Soviet Union Picks one and then orders the new leader to arrest the people who were trying the become leader, any of these three things happen, at random as well. So as you can see, the Nordic SSR isn't free of corruption, power struggles get real every time that Leader Positions is vacant, and the struggle grows every time someone if assassinated or exiled. The Military is pretty trust- jk, the military has done countless coups over the years, either during those power struggles or AFTER a new leader has been picked, the military will step in and take control for a while, this does a toll on Denmark-Norway's Reputation, and probably has the most unstable Government in Europe, or even the world. You light be asking yourself, how is the Economy so Wealthy and prosperous if half the time the leader is purging the government and military just so they can actually focus on the government without getting shot? Well my friend, it's called the SOVIET UNION!! You see the Soviet Union finds the members of the Communist Bloc, and the money that if given to the members is supposed to be Used to make the government more Nationalized and Stable, or to make the Economy stable and wealthy, guess which one Denmark does the most? Another factor is the EUSSR, the European Union of Soviet Socialist Republics also gives it's members MONIES, and lots of them too! Which also goes into Denmark's economy, now you might be asking, but if Denmark's government is busy getting purged and stuff, how does the Prime Minister have anytime to Choose where the money goes into? Well the Government found a solution! It decided to make a Banking Branch of the government that doesn't get purged, and Recovers the foreign cash and puts it into the economy, amazing how much Not Purging the heck out of the government can do for ya! Now to be fair the Prime Minister doesn't always purge every time, this only happens for a year until everything is PURGED, then the government can actually do stuff.

SOCIALIST FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA 255px-Flag_of_the_Democratic_Federal_Yugoslavia.svg.png

The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, or just Yugoslavia (Known as Socialist Federal Yugoslavia during world war 2) is one of the only Non Soviet Satellite states in Europe, and is not in the Comintern. During its existence as Socialist Federal State, it almost Broke apart after Tito died in 1980, but managed to put itself back together with the help of the EUSSR and The Soviet Union. Josip Broz Tito, the man who kept his Country together. His death was the cause for the near non existence of Yugoslavia, but through many wars and Foreign support, it kept itself together. It is very unstable, but has gotten better over the decades, as the current leader of the Party, and the state is Tito's grandson: Joška Broz, which people have describe him as "Keeping the spirit of Tito within the People of Yugoslavia", which by Some reports, is true! Reports say that 72% of yugoslavians have favorable views of Broz. Joška Continues his Grandfather's Policies and the ideology of titoism, which makes him very Popular with traditionalists and people who lived under Tito. Yugoslavia is the 3rd most wealthiest country in Europe, and is in the Communist Bloc. If there is one thing Yugoslavs can thank Stalin's for is getting Albania for them, when the Soviets were liberating the Balkans, they invaded And liberated Italian Occupied Albania, but when they met Albanian Resistance fighters, they Forced them to join the Yugoslav Partisans or die with like the Italians. Tito pulled Yugoslavia away from Stalin's Soviet Union, as he disliked Stalin's Policies and "Stalinism" in general,Yugoslavia never Joined the Comintern, and only joined EUSSR cause it was made after the death of Stalin, and Yugoslavia joined the communist bloc cause, why not? Every other Far-Left country was joining the Economic Alliance, why not Yugoslavia? Anyways, yugoslavia is a strong country, that is meant to last, lets just hope it will stay that way.

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