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World Wide News Network Update

The World Wide News Network is the global News Network, broadcast out of Britain. With cooperation from the Confederation of Nations, the Network is currently broadcasting to all of the member countries. Formed in 1971, the WWNN is the world's only Global, unbiased News Network.

  • February 1: Reports indicate that the CNA has lost three Astronauts. On board the CNA78, which was returning from the CNA's moon base, Luna 4, a plasma burst occurred, completely destroying everything on board.
  • January 28: The CNA, in collaboration with the SCA, has launched a plasma ship, the CNA78, to its Luna 4 base. The ship is a tiny repair ship, containing three astronauts whom will recalibrate a nuclear warhead stationed at Luna 4.

Point of Divergence

On August 1, 1771, founding father Benjamin Franklin had a run in with James Pendleton, who studied Ancient Greece, at one of Thomas Percival's extravagant parties. Benjamin Franklin, learning about Ancient Greek Communism from Pendleton quickly took a liking to the idea. Who wouldn't like a utopian society? Benjamin Franklin then read Thomas More's Utopia. Franklin, upon arrival to the colonies in May 1775, quickly spread the idea, which had consumed his life for a rather eventful four years, to his fellow founding fathers. There was no turning back, Communism had taken foothold in America.

On July 4, 1776, the founding fathers sent King George III, the Communist Declaration, which effectively gave birth to the Communistic Nation-states of America, or the CNA for short. The history of the world was to be forever changed.

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