Communist Alliance Treaty Organization
Коммунистическое Соглашение Союза Наций
Flag of the CSTO (New Union).svg
(and largest city)
Official languages Russian
Demonym CNAT (ДоСКоН)
Type Military and Political Alliance
Government Communist
Establishment October 8th, 1951

The Communist Alliance Treaty Organization is a geopolitical organization and military alliance between the majority of Communist nations in the world. It was founded in 1951 as a potential counterbalance to PATO and the Western World, as well as expand and increase cooperation between the various Communist regimes that have started to increase around the world since the end of the Eastern European War in 1946.

CATO did face some considerable international scorn for its support of Communist regimes in Iraq and Indochina but its unwillingness to support the People's Republic of Colombia. International observers have criticized CATO for picking and choosing what nations to support and its willingness to spread to other nations. Despite this, the organization did have considerable international influence upon its founding, and at first represented exactly what the Soviet Union hoped for.

For much of its early formation, CATO was strongest in eastern Europe and northern Asia, where the Soviet Union held clear dominance over almost all powers and had a firm power base with which to defend the Communist cause. Indochina was the other secure base of CATO forces after several wars and struggles culminated in the entire region falling to Communism except for the Empire of Vietnam along the coast. In the Middle East, Mesopotamia provided the final member of CATO.


Founding Members

  • Flag of the Soviet Union (1955-1980) Soviet Union (October 8th, 1951 - Present)
  • Flag of the People's Republic of Mongolia (1924-1940) Mongolian People's Republic (October 8th, 1951 - Present)
  • Flag of the Karelo-Finnish SSR Finnish People's Republic (October 8th, 1951 - Present)
  • Flag of Democratic Kampuchea People's Republic of Cambodia (October 8th, 1951 - Present)
  • Flag of Laos People's Republic of Laos (October 8th, 1951 - Present)
  • Flag of Burma (Myomi Republic) Democratic Union of Myanmar (October 8th, 1951 - Present)
  • Flag of Iraq Russian America Expansion CoMEcon People's Union of Mesopotamia (October 8th, 1951 - Present)

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