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German Workers Republic
Deutsche Arbeiters Republik
Timeline: Revolution!

OTL equivalent: German Empire
CommieGermanyRev! CommieGermanCOARev!
Flag Coat of Arms
Locations of Germany (Dark Red)

Länder, vereinigt Euch! (German)

Anthem "Die Internationale (1871-1949)

Auferstanden aus Ruinen (1949-1983)"

(and largest city)
Other cities Hamburg, Koingsburg, Danzig, Hannover, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf
  others Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch and Czech
Religion None (State Atheism)
Demonym German
Government Marxist Single Party Communalist Republic
  legislature Volkskammer
General Secratary Otto von Bismark (First: 1871-1901)

Helmut Kohl (Last: 1978-1984)

Population 62,167,241 
Established 1871
Independence from German Empire
  declared 1871
Annexation to German Confederation
  date 1983
Currency Volksmark
Internet TLD .da
Organizations Warsaw Pact, Union of Nations


Formed from the ashes of the crumbling German Empire, the ADR (aka German Workers Republic) became the first Communalist State in existence after the assassination of Kaiser Wilhelm I.

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