Commonwealths of America

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the CA flag (1906- )

ommonwealths of America is a direct descendent of the Confederate Commonwealth of America and is an economic powerhouse because of its control over NYC and LA. The nation consists of Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New England, California, Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Kansas, Ohio, West Virginia, Baja California, Baja California Sur and Canada note: the state borders are the same as in OTL except for OTL Canada and Baja California [[in which case it is divided into three separate parts Canada (all former Canadian land east of the Hudson Bay or below the 180 latitude), Nova Scotia (all land on the Island of Newfoundland and below the St.Lawrence), and Yukon (all land west of the Hudson Bay and above the 180 latitude) and the Baja California (OTL Baja California and Baja California Sur).]] The government is a single house Congress with to Congressmen from each Commonwealth. The President of the Congress is basically OTL US Speaker of the House except he can sign bills into law or veto them.


We the PEOPLE of the Commonwealths of America to provide common security, defend liberties, and protect the well-being of our citizens whom we serve out of respect hereby establish these Articles of the Commonwealth

I) Congress shall be made up of two Representatives from each Commonwealth who are elected every second Friday in November; the Congress shall have the power to enact laws in accordance to the constitution,create and levy taxes,mint currency, repeal laws, impeach the President of the Congress with a 22/25% vote

II) The President of the Congress will be elected every 730 days except when the term runs along side with a leap year (every year evenly divisible by four, and that year has an extra day in February) in which case it is 731 days with the term starting on and ending on the second Tuesday in November; the President of the Congress shall put forth what issues will come before Congress, pardon a criminal, declare war, and sign bills that have passed congress into law or veto said bill which can be over-ruled by a 65% majority; the President of the Congress shall serve as the Head of State; the President of the Congress shall choose 9 people to serve on a supreme court which shall preside for life but they must also be approved by Congress

III) The Federal Government shall be able to draft all males between 18 and 45 for service in the National Army but they can only be drafted for four years and must wait one year in between drafts; the Federal Government can draft all males between 13-60 in case of invasion and suspend all drafting time limits for the duration of the invasion; one can enlist voluntarily and become a full-time soldier for the National Army

IV) A new Constitutional Convention can be called to recreate the Articles of the Commonwealth with 9/10 of the Commonwealths calling for one; new Articles can be added or repealed by 8/10 of the Commonwealths voting for the act

V) The Commonwealths can enact laws in accordance to the Constitution; No price control laws shall be enacted in any part of government except for weapons going to the military, but the price change can only be less then or equal to a 22% change of the price; income shall not be taxed, except when at war for over four years, but must stop the tax once the war is over

VI) The official language of the Commonwealths of America shall be English and Latin.

Bill of Rights

I) No religion shall be prohibited or exalted by any part of the government.
180px-800px-Bonnieblue svg

CA's Flag (1901-1906)

II) Slavery shall be prohibited in the Commonwealths of America.

III) The right of the people to keep and Bear Arms shall not be prohibited.

IV) The right to an attorney (and if one can not afford one one will be provided by the Commonwealth), the right to a speedy trial, the right to a fair trial, the right to not testify against self, the right to not testify against spouse, the right to remain silent when questioned by law enforcement, the right to not have cruel or unusual punishment sentenced upon you, and all stated above shall not be prohibited.

V)The right to peacefully gather shall not be prohibited.

VI) The right to the freedom of speech shall not be prohibited.

VII) The Freedom of the Press shall not be prohibited.

VIII) The right to not be unlawfully searched or unlawfully questioned shall not be prohibited.

IX) The right of the people to freely travel throughout the Nation shall not be prohibited except for National Security.

X) Any employed person has the right to choose whether or not to Unionize with others of the same work type.

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