Flag of Virginia

Flag of Virginia as of 2005

The Commonwealth of Virginia is one of the nations that rose out of the atomic ashes of the Third World War. Created in 1985, three years after the nuclear war, it is a republic located in the North American continent. It is one of the only real superpowers left in the world. The capital of Virginia is the city of Richmond, and its largest city is Los Angeles.


Originally, Virginia was a "state" in what was the "United States of America". After the great war, it split off from the "United States" and became an independent country. Secessionist leaders of Virginia were lead by Henry L. Marsh, who split them off from the US and created the Commonwealth. Three months later, he was voted in as the first President of Virginia. Marsh set up his capitol in Richmond, and set


Henry L. Marsh, the first President of Virginia, photographed in 1986

to work rebuilding the country. He declared in his inaugural speech that citizens of Virginia should remain in the country, at least until Virginia is contacted by any other remnants of the former US. Virginia, which hadn't been hit too hard in the war, was rebuilt soon, with most of the building materiel coming from no longer needed destroyed buildings. Of course, the war wasn't too hard on most of the south, since the main targets were military installations and of course, powerful cities, Richmond was barely even hit in the war, bar maybe one or two. Virginia began its expansion in late June 1987, when Marsh was voted in for a second term. He formed the "Virginia Rifle Party", which was a center-left based party following many examples of the original Democratic party from before the war. Virginia expanded, taking territory and rebuilding it as they went along. As of current day, Virginia stretches all the way to Central America.

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