The Commonwealth of Virginia
Timeline: Out of One, Many

OTL equivalent: Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Michigan
Flag of Virginia Seal of Virginia
Flag Coat of Arms
shown in blue, upper right

Sic Semper Tyrannis (English)
("Thus, Always to Tyrants")

Anthem ""Carry Me Back to Old Virginy""
(and largest city)
Language English
Ethnic Groups
  others German, Irish
Demonym Virginian
Area 311,045.86 (land) sq mi
Currency Virginia Pound


The Commonwealth of Virginia, or just Virginia, is a nation in the OOM timeline. Please feel free to edit if you are familiar with the timeline, please leave a comment in "talk" to justify your change.

Flag of Virginia

Flag of Virginia

Out of One, Many


The Commonwealth of Virginia has a three branch government. President is executive. The Virginia General Assembly is legislative. The Supreme Court of Appeals is judicial. The General Assembly is a bicameral legislature. No state governments exist, delegates and senators from across the nation participate in all branches.


Violence between New York and Vermont rocked the United States. Inability to compromise ruined the Constitutional Convention. Because of this and increased rivalry with the North East, Virginia secedes on September 11th, 1794. Governor of Virginia Henry Lee III becomes acting president until the end of his gubernatorial term in December. A constitution is drafted by the Democratic-Republicans including the Virginia Bill of Rights. Presidential terms are four years with a two term limit. George Washington, a Virginia hero, refuses to run out of the disappointment in the collapse of the country. Thomas Jefferson takes up the cause and is elected president without any opposition.  

Thomas Jefferson raises a militia and orders them to the North West Territory on the grounds of expansion, exploration, and cooperation with New England. Some dispute this last point, especially the New England Confederation. Delegates are sent to France to increase ties between the countries. New England and Virginia agree on outlawing slavery in the Northwest and establishing school districts in the Northwest Ordinance. Thomas Jefferson is reelected 1798. Relations with France breakdown when Napoleon seizes power. Jefferson's final act as president was outlawing the importation of slaves, for its eventual expiration. 

James Monroe is elected 1802. Ohio act is passed by Congress, funding settlers expeditions to the Ohio Rover Valley. Undeclared wars start in the Northwest joint-occupied territory. The need for a strong military is obvious and leads to the election of James Madison in 1806. Madison establishes a professional standing military. Henry Lee III is appointed Secretary of War. A two-front war continues unofficially in Northwest and officially against Tecumseh's Indian forces near Virginian settlements. Relations with Britain deteriorate as it is obvious they support the New England Confederation. 

To continue Virginian Militarism, James Barbour is elected in 1814. Barbour prepares for war and annexes the Northwest in 1816. New England no longer has the upper hand and is unsupported by Britain. New England Confederation is defeated in 1818. The territories are formally incorporated into Virginia and delegates and senators from the region are sent to the General Assembly in Richmond. Tecumseh's Indian forces are defeated the same year and they submit to the Wabash Treaty.

More voters from the Northwest lead to the election of Kentucky's Henry Clay in 1818. Immigration booms during this time period. Henry Clay begins a series of laws called the "Virginian System" that jump-starts road and canal construction in Virginia. Population increase in the Ohio River Valley causes the Assembly to raise the import tariff for the first time, in an attempt to create industry. Most important in Clay's presidency was  the passage of the Slave Compromise, outlawing children being born into slavery.


Henry Lee III (acting) (September 11th, 1794- December 1st 1794)

Thomas Jefferson (December 1st, 1794- December 1st, 1802)

James Monroe (Dec 1, 1802- Dec 1, 1806)

James Madison (Dec, 1806- Dec 1, 1814)

James Barbour (Dec 1, 1814- Dec 1, 1818)

Henry Clay (Dec 1, 1818- ?)

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