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Commonwealth of Vinlandian States (Sundered Veil)

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Commonwealth of Vinlandian States
Timeline: Sundered Veil
SV-CVSFlag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of the CVS
Capital {{{capital}}}
Largest city Roanoke
  others French, West Norse
Demonym Vinlandian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
  legislature Senate
  Royal house: Adams
Established 1779
Independence from United British Kingdoms
The Commonwealth of Vinlandian States, commonly known as the CVS is a Federal Constitutional Monarchy consisting of 12 States and a Crown Federal District. The country is situated on the east coast of Vinlandia, bordering Vanaheim and Vinland to the north, and Charlesiane to the south and west.


British colonization

Ten Colonies

SV - TenColonies

The Ten Colonies at the Proclamation of Independence

Revolutionary War

The Adams Dynasty and Citizen Jefferson

Skraeling War

End of Slavery

War Between the Mages

Government and Politics


Political Divisions

SV - CVSDivisions

States of the CVS


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