Commonwealth of Schleswig-Holstein
Timeline: Mankind Reborn (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Schleswig-Holstein
Flag of Schleswig-Holstein
Flag of Schleswig-Holstein
Capital Kiel
Largest city Kiel
Other cities Leübeck, Flensburg
Language German
Demonym Schleswig-Holsteiner
Area 6086 sq mi
Population 716,468 
Independence March 27, 1943
Currency Reichsmark



Schleswig-Holstein was a state of the Greater German Reich. Its capital, Kiel, was one of the major shipbuilding centers of the Third Reich, its predecessor the Weimar Republic, and its predecessor the German Empire. Its shipyards had contributed ships such as the battleship Gneisnau, pocket battleship Deutschland, and the cruiser Blücher. It was also constructing the Reichs first aircraft carrier, the Graf Zeppelin.


June 3, 1942 started as any other day. Throughout the state, people awoke and left for their jobs (most were for the war factories or facilities) and children left for their Nazi-approved schools. But few saw the light streaking low on the southern horizon.

Frantic radio calls came through U-boat command: an asteroid has impacted the Atlantic. Many from individual U-boats soon fell silent. It was then realized that a tsunami wave was approaching Europe. When advised, Adolf Hitler ordered an evacuation of the coasts, it was not enough.

After the tsunami hit France, it lost the majority of its energy. Only a small wave was able to traverse the English Channel, and it lost its momentum before it hit Schleswig-Holstein, therefore the state was spared.


The German War Machine ground to a halt overnight. Nations across occupied Europe revolted, and it spread to Germany before long. Hitler and his government was forced to flee from Berlin, but a military coup lead to his death the disposing of the SS.

As the war had effectively ended, and faced with domestic uprisings, Germany ordered back its armies and navies. On August 21, 1942, the battleship Tirpiz steamed into Kiel in an attempt to keep the peace. But order could not be restored.


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