Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Timeline: Mankind Reborn (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Central and Southeastern Pennsylvania, Northern Delaware
FR-Flag of Pennsylvania
Flag of Pennsylvania

E Pluribus Unum (English)
("In God We Trust")

Capital York
Largest city York
Other cities Hershey, Wilmington
  others German
Demonym Pennsylvanian
Area 6983 sq mi
Population 986,827 
Independence July 27, 1950
Currency US Dollar, Barter


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania claims to be the successor state to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State of Delaware.

After the asteroid impact and destruction of the coast, both the capitals of Pennsylvania and Delaware were destroyed, PA's by an earthquake and fire, and DE's by flooding and a fire.

Portions of each government evacuated, with the Pennsylvania government fleeing to York County, and taking command of Fort Indiantown Gap with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard 28th Division, and the Pennsylvania Air National Guard 103rd Fighter Squadron.

In Delaware, local police forces and units from the crippled 198th Artillery Battalion. The remaining bits of the state government evacuated further inland to Wilmington, DE. (The only survivors were three state senators and the speaker of the Delaware House of Representatives)

Both states declared martial law, but effectively controlled four counties (In Pennsylvania) and a city (In Delaware).

By late 1943, the two state governments met for the first time after an accidental encounter outside of Philadelphia. Both states had since expanded, with Pennsylvania controlling up to where the Susquehanna River split and Delaware controlling all of the northern county, and some of southern Pennsylvania.

After meeting in York, PA on July 4th, 1944, both governments agreed to unify as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The name was heavily debated by the Legislature in Wilmington, but eventually agreed.

Once the two states unified, both the Pennsylvania National Guard and the Delaware National Guard cleared all of northern Delaware and down about halfway down through the state, taking control.

In Pennsylvania, the counties of Chester and Delaware were quickly seized to prevent the fledgling union from being split.

By the time this was complete, four more years had passed. The nation began to consolidate control, and gained in 1950 control over Northumberland, Montour, Schuylkill, and Berks county.


Political Divisions

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is divided up into several states and each state is divided into counties:

  • State of Blue Mountain
    • Berks County
    • Dauphin County
    • Lebanon County
  • State of Delaware
    • Delaware County
    • Kent County
    • New Castle County
  • State of Piedmont
    • Chester County
    • Lebanon County
    • York County
  • State of Susquehanna
    • Montour County
    • Northumberland County
    • Schuykill County


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a very diverse economy, with light industry, mining, agriculture, and fishing dominating the economy.

Timber, iron and coal are all produced in the northern counties of Northumberland, Montour and Schyukill.

Fishing is mainly done in the counties of New Castle and Kent, with some small amounts of farming and industry dealing with the fishing market. Fishing is just starting to make a come back, as the ports and ocean were devastated by the asteroid impact.

The counties of York, Lancaster, Lebanon, and Berks are the agricultural heart of the fledgling nation, growing crops such as barley, wheat, corn, apples, grapes, and cherries. There is also a large amount of dairy here with a major farm, although it is only one-tenth as productive as it was before the event occurred.


  • Active- 10,000
  • Reserve- 24,000


  • Active- 8000
  • Reserve- 20,000
  • Service Weapons:
    • Service Rifle: M-1 Garand (21,000)
    • Service Handgun: M1911 (28,000)
    • 'Service Submachine Gun': Thompson (2,000)
    • Service Heavy Machine Gun: M2 Browning (200)
    • Service Light Machine Gun: M1919 Browning (150)
  • Vehicles:
    • Light Tank:
    • Armored Car:
    • Transport Vehicles:
  • Artillery:
    • Mortars:
    • Howitzers:

Coast Guard

  • Active- 1750
  • Reserve- 3000
  • Cutters
    • A-class Seagoing Buoy Tender
      • CPCG Laurel (WLB-291)
  • Minesweepers
    • Adriot-class Minesweeper
      • CPCG Effective (AM-92)
  • Patrol Boats
    • Active-class Patrol Boat
      • CPCG York (WSC-01)
      • CPCG Wilmington (WSC-02)
      • CPCG Hersey (WSC-03)

Air Force

  • Active- 250
  • Reserve- 1000

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