Commonwealth of Oceania
Timeline: Axis vs Allies R-Word Map Game

OTL equivalent: Australia, New Zealand, Outlying Islands
Random flag AS
Flag Coat of Arms
The Commonwealth 1955
The 10 Districts of the Commonwealth

From The Ashes we Rise to a New Future (English)Motto
Freedom No Matter the Cost (English)

Anthem "Advance Australia Fair"
Capital Sydney
Largest city Brisbane, Perth
Other cities Cairns, Darwin, Adelaide
Language English
Religion Freedom of Religion
Ethnic Group White, some Asian
Demonym Oceanic
Government Federal Republic
  legislature The General Assembly
President President Eain Melborn
Established 1901 as Commonwealth of Australia(official) 1954 as Commonwealth of Oceania
Currency Australian Dollar

The Commonwealth under Britain 

The Commonwealth was officially formed in 1901 as the British Commonwealth of Australia. Australia remained semi independent all the way to the events that led in the humiliating defeat of the British at the hands of Germany and others. Australia's General Assembly had been very negative about the whole conflict. Soon after the British defeat and subsequent annexation Australia declared formal independence on January 4, 1954.

Australia's Oceanic Compact Referendum

Also in the same year, Australia's newly formed independent government with the Australian Nationalist Party in command, issued Public Referendum No.189, also known collectively as the Oceanic Compact. The Oceanic Compact with New Zealand and British Papua New Guinea formed the Commonwealth of Oceania. The official formation of the new nation with a new flag and constitution was formalized in March 1954.

March of Oceania

After the return of a stable government, Oceania opened up its ports to trade. Her valuable commodities like pearls and diamonds became a top export. In Australia the Defense Department formed the Australian Intelligence Agency to help bolster internal and external security. The new President, Eian Melborn authorized the modernization and enlargement of the Commonwealth's small navy. The military, after years of low numbers and aging equipment, finally got the updates it desperately needed through increased Defense spending. The navy plans to enlarge with two more carriers the OMS Adelaide and the OMS Phoenix. As well as several new battleships the OMS George and the OMS Freedom.(OMS denotes Oceanic Marine Ship and is used to designate both military and merchant fleets). Optimism runs high in the new Republic, many feel they can shake off the chains of the old and drive forward into a new and brighter future. Out of the Ashes We Rise.

Foreign Relations

Japan approached with offers of formal diplomacy as well as trade.

  • The Federation of the Americas- formal relations with trade.
  • Saudi Arabia- formal relations with trade. Defense Alliance.
  • Celtic Union- hostile relations
  • Switerland- Defensive Alliance- member of the Neutral Nations Alliance.
  • United States, formal relations and trade.

The Age of Space

The new government recently has begun the idea of forming the Oceanic Space administration in efforts to put man made objects into Earths orbit. More to come....

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