Commonwealth of New England
Timeline: Kings Reluctance

OTL equivalent: East Coast United States, Southern Louisiana, land east of the Mississippi River
Grand Union Flag NewEnglandCoA
Flag Coat of Arms
New England updated
Location New England

An Appeal to Heaven (English)

Anthem "New England Prosper"
Capital Philadelphia
Largest city New York
Other cities Boston, Miami, New Boston, Charleston, Richmond
Language English
Protestant Christian
  others Atheist, Catholic Christian, Judaism
Ethnic Group Caucasian, black, American Indian
Demonym New Englander, New English
Government Parlimentary Republic
  legislature New England Consitiution
Prime Minister Paul Ryan
Vice Prime Minister John McCain
Population 200,301,038 est. 2016 
Established 1775
Independence September 1st, 1775
Currency New England dollar

The Commonwealth of New England is the direct result of peace between Britain and the American colonies in 1775. New England is a powerful nation at it remains a Dominion in the British Commonwealth of Nations and leads the North American Federation, a economic and military league of British and other nations in North America. New England is probably the most industrious of all the Dominions as New English engineers have contributed to the world of science and warfare. New England had many great leaders from Thomas Jefferson of the Labor Party to Prime Minister Reagan of the Conservative Party.

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