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Commonwealth of Erie National Guard

The National Guard is the main armed force of the Commonwealth of Erie. As written in the Constitution, the National Guard is to act as the standing military for the Commonwealth, and may be used as a standing army in times of war and peace.

As of 2013 the military had 38,500 active personnel and 14,500 reserve personnel. They are active within the nation, having been formed under federal law as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania three years before the eruption.

Army National Guard

Being the largest branch with 30,000 active and 10,000 reserve, the Army National Guard of the Commonwealth is equipped with a mixture of pre- and post-Yellowstone weaponry and equipment.


Equipment Number Notes Picture
M75 Rifle 31,000 Main Battle Rifle
M14 afmil
M1 Garand 8000 Reserve/Sniper Rifle
799px-M1 Garand rifle - USA - 30-06 - Armémuseum
M1917 Enfield 12,000 Training, ROTC, police rifle
Austrian rifle
M3 Allegheny 453 Medium Machine Gun (Modified)
800px-USMC M249 SAW PIP
Allegheny Automatic Rifle 2180 Squad Assault Weapon (Indigenous Variants)
Balkan Automatic Rifle 3
G-04 70,000 Fragment Grenade
American Grenade
MB-02 40,000 Bayonet
Ottoman bayonet
AT-08 40 Anti-Tank Rifle
MES Sniper Rifle
SR-02 180 Sniper Rifle
Scandinavian Sniper rifle


Equipment Number Notes Picture
BT-03 Firefly 45 Main Battle Tank
M60 Tank
TT-93 Striker Armored Personnel Carrier 100 Primary Troop Transport
Erie Off-road 4x4 340 Light Armored/Reconnaissance/Transport
MTV-71 194 Transport Vehicle

Air National Guard

The Air National Guard is the second largest branch with 5000 active and 3000 reserve. The main goal of the Air National Guard is the defense of the national airspace and ability to provide logistic and air support to the army and navy.

The Air National Guard was founded in 1976 as a separate entity from the Army. The first aircraft operated by it were F4F Wildcat fighter planes.


Aircraft Number Notes Picture
F7F Hawk 36 Multirole Fighter
Italian bombing of Greece
F6F Crosswind 48 Fighter Plane
US plane attacking Okinawa
DB-01 24 Dive Bomber American planes 1
F5F Dove 12 Trainer, Interceptor, Ground Support
British plane 1
GA-01 Hammer 24 Ground Attack
A-1 Skyraider
C-84 Guardian 18 Cargo Turboprop Plane
EC-130H airplane
Lycoming AP-01 12 Scout Plane, Light Bomber
P-2H Neptune over Soviet ship Oct 1962

Naval National Guard

The Navy National Guard's mission is to defend the maritime borders of the Commonwealth, provide fire support for the Army, and in certain situations perform amphibious landings. It has 3500 active and 1500 reserve.


Equipment Number Notes Picture
Erie-class Destroyer 4 Main Surface Ships
LPM Daionus - D Class Destroyer
Ontario-class Patrol Boat 20 Patrol Boat
1983DD Qatar Vosper Thornycroft Patrol Boat
Seaway-class Landing Craft 7 Landing Ships
Yarrow-class Resupply Ship 4 Supply Ship
Sml cargo ship


Equipment Number Notes Picture
Lycoming AP-01 18 Maritime Patrol/light bomber
P-2H Neptune over Soviet ship Oct 1962
Lycoming LS-06 24 Scout Airplane


National Police Force

The National Police Force is an internal governmental body responsible for securing the borders, guarding important governmental sites, patrolling federal properties and supporting local police forces. They also lead federal investigations and can arrest citizens on charges of federal crimes.

Another job is to act as an auxiliary paramilitary force in times of war. They currently employ 18,900 officers and 2400 civilians.


Equipment Number Notes Picture
M1 Garand 3710 Standard Issue Rifle
799px-M1 Garand rifle - USA - 30-06 - Armémuseum
M1911 14,350 Standard Issue Sidearm
300px-M1911 A1 pistol
MS-83 840 Standard Issue Shotgun


Equipment Number Notes Picture
Erie Aero 850 Main Patrol Car
Erie Off-road 4x4 374 Off-road Vehicle

Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is responsible for maritime patrol and policing, operating small boats, cutters and a few aircraft. It was originally the primary maritime combat force for the Commonwealth until in 1963 the governor signed an executive order creating the Naval National Guard. Ironically, the Coast Guard is almost as powerful as the Navy.


Equipment Number Notes Picture
Prescott-class Cutter 12 Primary Patrol Vessels
Type 25 class torpedo boat
Stealth-class Patrol Boat 10 Light Coastal and River Patrol Craft
Type 062 class gunboat
Lycoming AP-01 4 Search and Rescue Aircraft
P-2H Neptune over Soviet ship Oct 1962

Civil Air Command

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