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Commonwealth of Columbia
Timeline: Russian America
Preceded by 1921 — 1931 Succeeded by
Flag of the Alaskan Republic (Russian America)
Flag of Oregon (Russian America)
Flag of Alaska (Russian America) 
Flag of the Commonwealth of Columbia (Russian America)
Flag of the Commonwealth of Columbia
Map of the Alaskan Wars (Russian America)
Location of the Commonwealth of
Columbia (dark blue).
Capital Victoria
Largest city New Westminster
  others Chinese, Norwegian, Russian
Anglicans and Pentecostals
  others Eastern Orthodox, Lutherans
Ethnic Groups
English (Dougs)
  others Norwegians, Russians
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
  legislature Legislative Assembly
Population ~5,000,000 (1930) 
Currency Dollar ($)

The Commonwealth of Columbia was a former country located in the Pacific Northwest of North America. The Commonwealth was originally part of Russian America and the Alaskan Republic. Independence was declared in 1921, with the Commonwealth originally consisting of the territory once known as the Colony of Columbia. The original goal of the Commonwealth was to either rejoin the British Empire or join the United States, both of which failed to happen.