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The Committee for the Establishment of a Southern State (CESS), in Italian: Comitato per la costituzione di uno Stato Merdionale (CCSM) is a non-government organization dedicated to the establishment of a democratic republic in southern Italy.


When the bombs fell one of the few safe and undamaged territories of the ex-Italian Republic was Sicily, with its undamaged infrastructure, and the presence of the city of Palermo, now one of the largest untouched cities in Europe. It's also home to "Cosa Nostra", the oldest and currently largest mafia organization on the Italian Peninsula. without the presence of a central authority the Sicilian Regional Assembly and the region have make their best for keep the region safe from the intern and from the outside, until the 28th December of the 1983, when Cosa Nostra have make a coup d'etat for overturn the provisional and democratic Sicilian Republic. Many ex-members of the Sicilian Regional Assembly who have refuse to recognize the authority of the Mafia and fled from Sicily, many of this have took refuge in Malta, Northern Africa and in other places, in the springs of the 1984 many ex-deputies of the Sicilian Regional Assemby and other Italian refugees fled from Europe to the ChileArgentina or in Brazil.

After a year in Pantelleria, now under Maltese control many other refugees came in Malta for escaped at the Mafia, but also not only common people, but also some mayors, military officials, priests, magistrates, judges and parliamentarians of the Sicilian Regional Assembly.

In the spring of the 1984 a group of Sicilian leave the island for go in South America, this why they have fear of be killied by the Mafia, two ships with 100 people leave Malta for started his travel for going in South America, after have superated the Strait of Gibraltar, they have made a little rest in the Azores for take supplies and recover. After a week of rest the ships continue his travel until the 15th June of 1984, when they docked at Montevideo, now capital of the United American Republic, a federal state composed by Uruguay, Faklands Isles and Argentina. The crew of the equipment was esaminated by the Argentinian medic for see it they have sign of radiation or other lesions, after be accepted by the authority many Sicilian have thinking of created a committee for help who remain in Sicily.


After the arrive of many Italian refugees and by many ex-deputies of th Sicilian Regional Assembly in Southern America many of that have think the opportunity of liberate Southern Italy from the Mafia, and from his government. The 7th May of the 1985, in a Palace of Montevideo a group of Sicilian and Italian refugees have created the Committee for the Establishment of a Southern State, as a survivor aid organizations and for the established of a democratic state in southern Italy.


The committee it was from the started many popular among the Italians in Argentina, after a month from his foundation the committee it have 50,000 subscribers, and it was also created a chapter in Buenos Aires, other than main base in Montevideo.

In 1990 it was founded several chapter in Santiago, Rio de Janerio, Mexico City, Lugano and Canderra. It have also created a cash fund for the Italian refugees, who have escaped from Doomsday or from the Mafia.

Between the 1990 and the 2000 the committee have grown and founded several chapters in the world, in the 1997 the first chapter in Italy it was founded in the city of Genoa, their support have grown between the Italians and many have joined at their, bring the committee at have 200,000 members.

War for the liberty

When the 1st Sicilian war occurred the committee have asked at the Parliament the joining in the Peacekeeper force for take Gibraltar for the Sicily, after long decisions the parliament have accept their request, and the United American Army have joined along with Celtic Alliance, Pais del Oro, Portugal, Chile and Rif Republic.

After this the committee have also foudned a chapter in Prato and another one in Venice, and it have supported the Italian survivor states in the fight against Sicily.

When the 2nd Sicilian war occurred many member of the committee joined voluntarily at the Liberation Forces for liberate Tuscany and Southern Italy, also many other joined in the bands of Partigians for fight the Sicilian Republic from the intern, many partigians was killed by the Sicilian Forces or resist again that in the mountains, other have created underground bases in the main cities of the Republic, for continue the fight again the Mafia with the propaganda and the information.

The Sicilian Republic see the committee as a terrorist group for destabilize the state, in fact the Sicily don't have contact with the state who support the committee or help there.


The main goal of the committee is established a democratic state in southern Italy, but also help the refugees, promote the Italian history, culture, values and the democracy in the world. And at don't see the southern Italians as a supported of the Mafia, but as a oppressed people who want freedom.

The committee have also worked on the creation of a constitution for a future Republic in Southern Italy based on the constitution of the Italian Republic, also they don't have still decide what flag and coat of arms used for the new state, the most popular options are using the ex-flag and coat of arms of the Italian Republic and the most popular options for the form of government is a parliamentary and unitary republic, other wanna used a presidential and federal republic based on the Swiss or German model.

The proposed anthem for a new Sicilian Republic

The proposed anthem for a new Sicilian Republic.

The proposed anthem for a new Sicilian Republic, created by Vincenzo Spampinato in the 2003.

There is also a minority who want the indipendence of the only ex-region Sicily, for established a democratic Sicilian Republic. Of course they will used the same flag and coat of arms of the Sicilian Republic, they are also again who see the Trinacria as a flag of the Mafia.  

They also claimed the Pelagie Isles and the Isle of Pantelleria, as a part of the ex-regional Sicily. They are also again the idea of join at the ADC, their motto is "Libertà, Unione e Indipendenza" and in the 2003 they have even create a Sicilian anthem for don't use the obsolete "Sound the Trumpet" of Vincenzo Bellini. The new anthem is called "Madreterra", composed by Vincenzo Spampinato in the 2003, the song is currently banned in Sicily, but despate this many Sicilians see this anthem as a anthem of liberty and democracy. 


CESS is financed mostly from membership dues and donations, particularly from the estates of deceased members.

The only state who officially financed the CESS are :

List of chapters

Hotel Inmigrantes Buenos Aires

The Hotel de los Inmigrantes it was here where the first chapter of the CESS was opend, it was buyed by Enzo Maiorca in the 1985 and in the 1995 half of his structure was donated at the United American Government as a museum of the Italian immigration in Argentina, the other part contain the offices and the locals of the Committee.

1) Southern America, this was the fist chapters established by the CESS, are also the most developed and grown in number due to the high presence of Italian immigrants and by the financed by Chile, UAR and Brazil : 
  • Montevideo  (1985) 
  • Buenos Aires  (1985) 
  • Rio de Janeiro  (1990)
  • Santiago (1990) 
2) Northern America, this chapter are the second chapter established and the first outside South America, but are also the most disadvantaged for the low presence of Italo-Mexicans and Italo-Canadians : 
  • Mexico City (1990) 
  • St. John's (2005) 
3) Europe, most of this chapter was established between 1990 and the 2012, are more frequented then that in North America and are also more modern and equipment, for the high presence of Italian immigrants or by the donation of some local or national politicians : 
  • Lugano (1990) 
  • Genoa (1997) 
  • Prato (2005)
  • Venice (2005) 
  • Berlin (2008) 
  • La Valletta (2010) 
  • Palma de Maiorca (2012) 
  • Monaco (2012) 
  • Olbia (2013) 
  • Dublin (2016) 
4) Oceania, this chapter also was build between the 1990 and the 2005, are frequented by many Italo-Australians and Italo-New Zelandese and are officially financed and supported by the CANZ : 
  • Canerra (1990) 
  • Wellington (1998) 
  • Adelaide (2000) 
  • Darwin (2005) 
5) Africa, the chapter located in Africa are the most recent for foundation by the Italian immigrant present in country who was a destination for the immigrants between the 1870s and the 1920s, by now only in the ex-South Africa and in the Tunisia are present office of the CESS, this offices are also officially financed by Sicilian refugees and by the British and Tunisian government :
  • Port Elizabeth (2015)
  • Tunis (2016)
6) Underground chapters, this are hidden base of the CESS used for propaganda, attacks from the intern at Sicily, information and local recruitment of Italians, most of this chapters are located in underground tunnels or in old catacombs, but some of this are located in the countryside in farmers or in mountain zone : 
  • Palermo (2010) 
  • Messina (2010) 
  • Siracusa (2010) 
  • Catania  (2010)
  • Reggio Calabria (2011) 
  • Bari (2010) 
  • Perugia (2012) 
  • L'Aquila (2013)
  • Macerata (2013)
  • Potenza (2013)
  • Campobasso (2014)
  • Salerno (2014)
  • Rieti (2014)

List of presidents of the committee

Sergio Mattarella cropped

Sergio Mattarella, the current president of the Committee, before the war he was a teacher at the University of Palermo and a candidate at the House of Deputies.

  1. Enzo Maiorca (1983 - 1997)
  2. Massimo D'Alema (1997 - 2009)
  3. Sergio Mattarella (2009 - )