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The Commander of the Commonwealth Forces in Antarctica (CCFA) is the highest military authority in all Commonwealth regions of the continent. Though there has always been a CCFA since the title was created in 1901, the rank is considered 'inactive' until multiple Commonwealth militaries work together to coordinate their operations, when the CCFA becomes the commanding officer of this coordinated effort.

While it is not a rank in itself, and CCFAs are not technically superior to any other General, the CCFA is considered primus inter pares among military officers — similar to the position of Prime Minister among Members of Parliament in many Commonwealth nations.

The title was first installed in 1901, in response to the British withdrawal from the Berkner Land War. Many officers felt that the war could have been won if the local forces had support from the rest of British Antarctica, and established the title of Commander of the British Forces in Antarctica (CCBA) to begin increasing the coordination and cooperation between the various colonies' militaries. Prior to 1901, the most senior officer in Eduarda was the equivalent of the CCBA.

Despite the name, it did not only cover British forces, but also consisted of Australian forces in New Vestfold and New Zealand forces in the Bransfield Islands. In 1949, after the foundation of the Commonwealth, the title was renamed to its current name. In the 1970s, it began to decline in importance; and since 1990 it has been almost completely symbolic.

Name Portrait Took office Left office Home territory Notes
Sir Isambard Crawford 1901 1904 Eduarda
Thomas Chauncer 1904 1911 Eduarda Member of the Chauncer family.
Sir William Bullen Harrison 1911 1919 Eduarda Oversaw World War I and part of the Russian Civil War. Also Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Antarctica from 1914-19 and Governor of the Antarctic Mandate from 1916-1924.
John Berkner 1919 1924 Eduarda Member of the Berkner family. Oversaw much of the Russian Civil War.
Edmund Rice-Yates 1924 1930 Eduarda
Robert Glamorgan 1930 1936 Eduarda
Hosea Spearholme 1936 1942 Eduarda Oversaw the Antarctic theater of World War II.
Felix van der Zee Vanderzee 1942 1947 New Vestfold (AUS) Oversaw the later years of World War II, though the Antarctic Theater was over by 1942. Later Administrator of New Vestfold.
Beauford Carter Carter 1947 1963 New Devon Longest-served CCFA. Oversaw several conflicts against Russian nationalists. Later Minister of Defence and Governor-General of New Devon.
Alexander Sherridan 1963 1969 Grahamland
Matthew Peacock 1969 1977 Eduarda First Canadian-born Eduardan CCFA
Frederick Stanley 1977 1985 Grahamland
Scotia Sea Islands (UK)
United Kingdom
Oversaw the South Atlantic War.
Michael J. Townsend 1985 1995 Ross Dependency (NZ) Son of Mike Townsend. Assisted New Devon's peaceful transition to independence.
Theophilius "Phil" Key 1995 2006 New Devon
Linus Hunley 2006 Incumbent Ross Dependency (NZ)
Balleny Islands (NZ)

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