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Adopted in 1926

Main working languages Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese
Headquarters Executive Committee of the Communist International Moscow (Russian FSR)
Establishment 1920

Comintern (Communist International, also known as the Third International). Created in January 1920 in Moscow. It has its headquarters in Moscow (Russian FSR). The purpose of the Comintern was to forge international cooperation with the purpose of establishing and helping proletarian revolutions. The parties also shared the principle of democratic centralism, "freedom of discussion, unity of action", that is, that parties would make decisions democratically, but uphold in a disciplined fashion whatever decision was made.

In 1920 various left-wing parties identified with the Russian Revolution or had been against World War I meet in Moscow. The opening Congress was addressed by Lenin who laid out the main principles of the new organization.

In its beginnings it functioned has an informal diplomatic gathering of the socialist states, until the creation of the International Community of Socialist States in 1935.

There are three historical stages it had

  • Leftist Period 1920-1925
  • New Realities Period (Socialism in One Country or World Revolution?) 1925-1935
  • United Front Period (Collaboration and détente with Labour and Socialist International) 1935- to date


  • World Congress of the Communist International. Delegates from member parties with decisive or consultive vote. The meet annually or biannually in Moscow.
  • Executive Committee of the Communist International. Elected by the WC. Its Headquarters are in Moscow.

The Executive Committee runs the International Communist School (ICS) in Moscow, the Communist University of the Toilers of the East (KUTV) with branches in Moscow, Baku, Irkutsk, and Tashkent.

For propaganda purposes it runs the Radio of the International Revolution, broadcast by Radio Moscow and operated by the News Service of the Comintern. It publishes a theoretical journal, Communist International.

Organizations sponsored and part of the Comintern

  • Communist Youth International (1920)
  • Red International of Labour Unions (Profintern 1921)
  • International Red Aid (MOPR 1922-1940)
  • Red Peasant International (Krestintern 1923)
  • Red Sports International (Sportintern 1923-1936)
  • International League against Imperialism (1924)
  • International of the Proletarian Freethinkers (1925-1945)
  • World Pioneer Organization

Member parties

Some notable member parties are

in socialist Europe

  • Communist Party(b) of Belarus
  • Communist Party(b) Ukraine
  • Communist Party of Turkestan
  • Russian Communist Party (Bolshevik)
  • Communist Party of Transcaucasia (CPT 1921), later Transcaucasian Communist Federation (1927)
    • Communist Party of Arzeibayan (1919-1921, 1927 to date)
    • Communist Party of Georgia (1919-1921, 1927 to date)
    • Communist Party or Armenia (1919-1921, 1927 to date)

in Europe

  • Communist Party of Latvia (LKP)
  • Communist Party of Lithuania (LKP)
  • Communist Party of Estonia (EKP)
  • French Communist Party (PCF)
  • Italian Communist Party (PCI)
  • Spanish Communist Party (PCE)
  • Portuguese Communist Party (PCP)
  • Communist Workers Party of Poland (KPRP) (People's Republic of Poland, 1920-1921), 1920-1924, dissolved.
  • Communist Party of Poland (KPP)
  • Bulgarian Communist Party (BKP)
  • Communist Party of Austria (KPÖ)
  • Party of Communists in Hungary (KMP)
  • Communist Party of Illyria (KPJ)
  • Communist Party of Serbia
  • Communist Party of Romania (PCdR)
  • Communist Party of Turkey (TKP)
  • People's Revolutionary Party of Kurdistan (PRPK) 1920-1922, became Kurdish Section of TKP

in Asia

  • Communist Party of China
  • Taiwanese Communist Party
  • Tibetan Communist Party (TCP) 1920s-1937 - Productive People's Party 1937 to date
  • Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party
  • Worker's and Peasant's Democratic Party (Afghan Democratic Republic 1923 to 1925), since 1925 organized in exile
  • Iranian Revolutionary Party (Persian People's Republic 1923 to 1924)
  • Communist Party of Persia (Iran)
  • Party of the Masses of Iran or Tudeh, created by the merge of the Communist Party of Persia, Iranian Revolutionary Party and other left wing parties.
  • Manchurian Workers' and Peasants' Party (MWPP)
  • Communist Party of Thailand
  • Japanese Communist Party
  • Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI/CPI)
  • Vietnamese Communist Party - Indochinese Communist Party (PCI)
  • Communist Party of French India (PCIF)

in Australasia

  • Australian Communist Party

In Africa

  • South African Communist Party (SACP)
  • Riffian Communist Party
  • Moroccan Communist Party (PCM)
  • Egyptian Communist Party,

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