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Stalin sees that war is inevitable, and that it is best to get in the first blow. He orders his commanders to prepare for an offensive into Allied Europe, with follow up operations in the Middle East and India. His generals grumble about this, since they have lost talented lower commanders in purges, but no one dares express their complaints.

The Americans see this is coming, thanks to spotty intelligence assets in the USSR. They build up their own armies in Europe, in opposition to the Soviets. But they are not ready when the Soviets launch their main attack. Thousands of tanks slam into the Allied defense lines in France, and break through after hard fighting.

The Allies have to fall back, and maneuver warfare begins in earnest. The Allies keep being outflanked by more numerous Soviet armor. Paris falls after brutal city fighting. However, the Americans break out a super weapon they think can turn the tide. Two weeks after the fall of Paris, the Americans detonate the "Lucky Linda" nuclear bomb on a Soviet spearhead, completely destroying it, and halting the Soviet advance.

But Stalin has a trick up his sleeve as well. Soviet spies in the American atomic program have funneled him intelligence about the American efforts, which he uses to make his own atomic bomb. Three weeks after the American nuclear detonation, the Soviets drop a nuclear bomb on London, after sneaking the bomber through British aerial defenses. London is devastated, and there are large civilian casualties. they were now looking at the possibility of a very costly and long war.

However, that was not the only front. Soviet attacks into India and Iraq were very successful. The Iraqi forces are overwhelmed by superior Soviet tanks and artillery, while the Indians are forced to fall back. After being delayed in the mountains,. the Soviets break through and begin moving quickly. What happens next in this war?

The Soviets keep moving towards victory

The Americans save the day

China joins the war

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