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The Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (Russian: Совет экономической взаимопомощи, Sovyet ekonomicheskoy vsaymopomoshchi, СЭВ, SEV, English abbreviation COMECON, CMEA, or CAME), 1949–Today, is an economic organization comprising socialist and communist countries.
Flag of Comecon

Comecon's Flag

The descriptive term Comecon is often applied to all multilateral activities involving members of the organization, rather than being restricted to the direct functions of Comecon and its organs. This usage is sometimes extended as well to bilateral relations among members, because in the system of socialist international economic relations, multilateral accords—typically of a general nature—tended to be implemented through a set of more detailed, bilateral agreements.

Members States

Observer States

Currently, the organization only has one observer, which is Costa Rica, as it tries to find balance between an alliance with the Socialist bloc and the nearby SAC.