The Great Empire of Comanche People
Nʉmʉnʉʉ Sookobitʉ
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Comancheria
Comanche War Shield Insignia
Comanche Map.png
Core Comanche Tribe in Grey, Conquered Areas in Brown, and Raided Areas in the Red Circle
CapitalArʉka Kahni
Official languages Comanche(Mayan Script)
Regional Languages Shoshone
Religion Shaman State Religion
Demonym Comanche
Government Federalized Chiefdom (Quasi-Stratocracy)
 -  Chief Ulaantana
Comancheria is a powerful native nation which has fought valiantly against Iberian colonialism and actually gained territory from them. It is a federal militaristic confederation of chiefdoms.